Sally's Jacket + Species (?)

From: Shawn Wolski <n5una_at_MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU>
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 1995 23:06:36 -0600

Hi, fellow Sonic fans!

I'd have to agree with Jeff ( about the introduction
of Sally's jacket (or is it a vest) in the 2nd year of showing. It hardly
even covers her decently (if that is what the producers ultimately
wanted), and she was never nude as in "offensively" nude. Why
bother with it?

Another thing that Jeff brought up: her species. It's pretty easy to
tell that Sonic is a hedgehog (even the the title says that), Tails is
unmistakably a fox, Bunny is a rabbit, Rotor is a walrus, etc. Sally
to me has been somewhat of a mistery as to what species she is.
According to Jeff, she's a vixen (?) I used to think that Sally was more
of the deer persuasion, but after seeing that her father had a tail
(though it didn't seem to fit the general fox tail, but hey, this is the car-
toon universe), I'm not so sure. If she is a fox, where's her tail? All
I see is a small stub of fur on her rump. Does it grow in when she
comes of age (becomes 18 years old), or was there an accident in
the past where the tail was lost? If we go on the assumption that
she is a fox, that may explain why Tails calls her "Aunt Sally" all the
time, though this could be more the result of a "status nickname",
since Tails lost his family sometime after the coup. The title could
come from years of Sally taking care of Tails after his family was
lost. Then again, anything is possible.

Any further input would be appreciated.

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(Sonic, from the episode "Dulcy")

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