Re: Proposal: Freeing Mobius

From: Jeffrey Pegnato <>
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 1995 19:05:41 +0500

  (It's critical that we get the information on the
> exact date that the coup occured from Sally or whoever might remem-
> ber WHEN it happened to the day.)

"the 13th" year: 3224

>-Travel to Mobius, Warp 9. Take the appropriate action against Robot-
> nik to stop his evil plans. (NOTE: Must be dune under ABSOLUTE
> secrecy, to decrease the involvement of others in the equation.)
>-"Leave" information that Robotnik (in that time, Julian) had a fatal
> accident. Must also be performed covertly.
>-Return to our time period. Either send back or destroy the starship.
> If send back is desired, data concerning the mission must be dele-
> ted, and the ship be under control by the computer.
>Yes, there are a few technicalities in the mission plans. Wouldn't it
>be great if we could do it, though?

Not from where I stand...what kind of lame adventures could you cocieve to
happen without the coup taking place? (i.e. Sonic would probably end up
a large tub-o'-lard eating chili dogs since he would be getting no workout
from Robotnik)
I also don't understand how a small group of "covert" agents from our time
could "fit in" to Mobius' society and kill the head leader of Mobius' armed
Just think about how difficult it would be to go after someone with that

HOWEVER, I am a true believer in the idea that Mobius is a FUTURE EARTH.
(which could change the plan you suggest)

I had a long discussion about this with a fellow Sonic fan & would LOVE to
hear any opinions on the subject of Mobius being Earth...
and if you DISSAGREE, I'm prepared to defend my possition...
If you AGREE, welcome to the club...

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