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The following is an update of the intro text. Please read it for
information about files and the ftp site.

Erich Schulman (KTN4CA)
Team OS/2

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Welcome to the only mailing list that's way past cool -- Sonic
the Hedgehog (tm) ! In this mailing list, we discuss the comic
book and cartoon based on SEGA (tm)'s Sonic the Hedgehog and
help free Mobius from the evil Dr. Robotnik.

To post to the list, send your message to sonic_at_sard.mv.net.
There will soon be a FAQ for the list. Once ready, it will be
a file retrievable by subscribers via mail.

This list is archived, and the archive can be retrieved through
the mailing list software as a file (just like the FAQ). To
get a list of files you can retrieve, send this text to
    index sonic
Once you have the filename of the file(s) you want, retrieve them
by sending this text to majordomo_at_sard.mv.net:
    get sonic file1.txt
    get sonic file2.txt
Use one "get" line for each file you want.

Let's all try to not get bogged down in rules and policies. You
may post information and opinions related to the characters and
stories in the Sonic comics and cartoons. Fan-written stories
are welcome too. If you feel you must flame someone (other than
Robotnik (g)), please do so in mail directly to that person. And
as on most areas of the 'net, legally obscene material and posts
of a commercial nature are not welcome here.

Not everyone has read all of the comic books and seen all of the
cartoons. It's fine if you want to discuss major plot points or
a story ending, but please place a warning in your message so that
you won't spoil the story for those who haven't read/viewed it yet.

Many thanks to Ratman (Paul Hurley) for giving us a virtual Knothole.

There is a ftp site to go along with this list. Just ftp to
ftp.mv.com and go to /pub/users/rat/sonic. Upload files to
/pub/users/rat/incoming. Sounds and images are welcome. Older
archive files may be available here in the future.

Other Internet Resources
    A Usenet group for discussion of Sonic the Hedgehog and other
    games from SEGA. Use r.g.v.s instead of this mailing list if
    you want to discuss the Sonic games, get codes/cheats, etc.
    A Usenet group for discussion of animated cartoons. Please
    read that group's FAQ before posting there.
    A Usenet group for posting image files related to cartoons.
    This group is not widely propogated.
    This Usenet group was supposed to be replaced by a.b.p.c but
    some sites continue to carry a.t.p too/instead.
    A Usenet group for posting digitized sound files related to
    cartoons. This group is not widely propogated.
    Try looking up the word "hedgehog" and a *few* Sonic files
    should turn up. Most of what you'll find will not be at all
    related to Sonic.
    Sega has a home page (http://www.segaoa.com/), but you won't
    find much information there, but have your credit card
    ready (g).

Juice time, outta here!

"Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Sega" are registered trademarks of SEGA
of America.

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