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Sonic the Hedgehog Merchandise List v5.0.0h

Updated 28 November 1996

Compiled by Erich Schulman (KTN4CA)

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Most information on Sega products was cut and pasted from a session log on CompuServe. Some information was cut and pasted from Sonic mailing list postings, Usenet postings, and personal e-mail.

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Contributors: Alessandro Sanasi, Dan Drazen, Chris Baird, David M. Pistone, Dan Ramos, Fred Sloniker, Robin Hood (Kris Kelley), James Firmiss, Jan Barrows, Cameron Bennett, Brad Clark, Paul Castiglia, William T. Graham, Jane Bright, John W. Johnston, Emily Robin, Theodore Patri Perrotti, Ron Bauerle, Charles Mugg, "Max", "Super STH", Kyle Graba, Dennis Hurst, Andy Watts, George Begbie, Ken Penders

Section 10: Games

10-01: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 LCD Game from Tiger Electronics.
10-02: Sonic the Hedgehog LCD Wrist Game from Tiger Electronics. This was offered in conjunction with some of the video cassettes.
10-03: Amazing Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Arcade from Sega. The diaboloicol Dr. Robotnik has created a robot factory and it's up to Sonic to stop the mass production of metal mutants! Sonic works his way through the maze-like rooms in an effort to find and remove the Emeralds, the factory's only power source.
10-04: Game Gear Sonic 2 System from Sega.
10-05: Genesis Sonic 2 System from Sega.
10-06: Sonic CD from Sega. Sonic goes head to head with The Metal Sonic, Dr. Robotnik's head with The Metal Sonic, Dr. Robotnik's evil Hedgehog creation! Sonic discovers Robotnik wants all of the Time Stones from The Little Planet so he can bend time and rule the world! The CD contains 34 audio selections which can be played on a regular CD player.
View the Sonic CD package
10-07: Sonic Chaos for Game Gear from Sega. Sonic The Hedgehog and his feisty friend Tails blast into hyperspeed to save the Chaos Emeralds. If evil Dr. Robotnik snatches the Emeralds first, he'll make a Super Bomb!
10-08: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 LCD Game from Tiger Electronics.
10-09: Sonic PC from Sega. Sonic battles Dr. Robotnik's latest evil creation, Metal Sonic, in a race to save the world. Sonic embarks on an important mission: rescue his friends and Princess Sally, and retrieve the Time Stones before Robotnik can.
10-10: Sonic X-Treme from Sega. Sonic does a little surfing when he sees the Bluestreak distress signal in the sky. The signal is coming from Professor Gazebo Boobowski and his daughter Tiara B, the keepers of the six magical Rings of Order, and the castle wherein they practice the anchient art of ringsmithing. Boobowski and Tiara are in fear that Dr. Robotnik is after their precious rings. Dr. Robotnik has, at this point, already made one attempt at stealing the Rings of Order. It is determined that only Sonic can fight off Robotnik's attempt and to do so, he will need to collect the six rings himself. From there, Sonic sets off to gather the six magic Rings of Order, battling Robotnik's Badniks along the way.
10-11: Sonic 3 / Sonic & Knuckles from Sega. A combination of the two games on a single Windows 95 CD-ROM.

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Section 11: Toys (non-game)

11-01: Sonic plush toy, about 12" from Caltoy.
View the Sonic plush toy
11-02: Tails plush toy, about 12" from Caltoy.
View the Tails plush toy
McDonald's Happy Meal toys, 1st promotion (11-03, 11-04, 11-05, 11-06)
11-03: The Sonic toy had Sonic on a fireball and you could launch him off from it.
11-04: The Tails toy was a simple handheld launcher with a flat picture of Tails on a rotary (though four-tailed) tail shaped helicopter thing.
11-05: The Knuckles toy was a whirlwind toy you pushed/pulled along a tabletop and watched Knuckles spin as you moved it.
11-06: Robotnik: This toy looked exactly like the weekday syndicated Robotnik on his hover thingy. When it moved, it would move all over the place bumping into walls.
11-07: McDonald's Happy Meal toy, 2nd promotion. One of 12 different toys, but only 1 of those 12 related to Sonic. The toy looks like a purple/pink TV with a dark purple back. On the top is a black Sega Genesis console with a 3-button controller.
11-08: Sonic radio-controlled car by Nikko.
11-09: Rubber ball in the shape of Sonic (curled up).. with spines. Manufacturer name not available.
11-10: Sonic figure. Plastic, 3.5" tall. The arms move, but not independently. Manufacturer name not available.
11-11: Kids Go HoJo FunPak. Paperboard, opens at sides. One side shows a Sega Game Gear with the "Kids Go HoJo with SEGA" logo on the display. The other side is for Ecco the Dolphin. Contains several Ecco items, a "Sega Visions" offer, and 3 crayons. All but the crayons have the "Kids Go HoJo" logo. From Howard Johnson.
11-12: Kids Go HoJo FunPak. Plastic bag. One side shows a boy holding a Sega Game Gear with the "Kids Go HoJo with SEGA" logo on the display. The other side is for Tempo Jr. Contains a Ristar post card, a Tempo Jr. post card, a Ristar and Tempo Jr. activity book, and 4 crayons. The crayons are in a box with the "Kids Go HoJo" logo, but the crayons themselves do not have the logo. All other items have the logo. From Howard Johnson.
11-13: Hot Wheels "Crash and Smash" motorcycle, featuring Sonic. Manufacturer name not available.
View the motorcycle.
11-14: Sonic water game from TOMY. Get all the rings onto the loop.
11-15: Sonic balloon. Shows Sonic's face on a blue balloon. Manufacturer name not available.

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Section 20: Food

Sonic Cracker Jack prizes -- see the entry under Miscellaneous (Section 90).

20-01: Fanta (Coca-Cola product) can from England with Sonic on it and the text "Orange Zone - Sonic cool can - the drink with attitude".
20-02: Fruit Roll-Ups by Betty Crocker (General Mills).
20-03: Sonic the Hedgehog bubblegum in a 1.05oz/30g Game Gear-shaped container distributed by Amurol Confections. Has 5 bubblegum pieces and 5 Sonic Game Gear trading cards.
20-04: Sonic the Hedgehog Pasta with Meatballs in Tomato Sauce. Two varieties, one with meatballs and one without. Shapes included: Sonic (2), Tails, Knuckles, Robotnik, and a power ring. From Franco-American.

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Section 30: Apparel

30-01: Boys' briefs from Fruit of the Loom.
30-02: Sleeveless Sonic and Knuckles denim jacket from Sega.
30-03: Sonic and Knuckles "2nd to None" T-Shirt from Sega.
30-04: Sonic and Knuckles low-crown cap from Sega.
30-05: Sonic and Knuckles moving disc watch from Sega.
30-06: Sonic the Hedgehog "relaxed" cap from Sega.
T-Shirts, sizes M to L, full color, cotton (30-07, 30-08, 30-09, 30-10, 30-11, 30-12)
30-07: Front: Large portrait of Sonic doing that "standard" pointing pose, with the rest of the black cotton shirt covered (all over) in a dark yellow collage of scenes from the original(?) video game. Back: cheesy rear view of same. Size M. From Top Heavy.
30-08: A black cotton T-Shirt -- small picture of Sonic "in action" over the pocket area with "Sonic" banner underneath. From Acme, in Acme's "SEGA Mega Wear" line.
30-09: Black cotton shirt with warm yellow and orange picture of a combat troll(?) poking his head out from a tank on the front. Large banner with "Pretend its a Game" in faux-bitmap text on back. From Acme, in Acme's "SEGA Mega Wear" line.
30-10: Black cotton shirt with several faux-bitmapped Sonics to show him running about (the final and largest pic with his arms folded) with the banner "Think Fast". Manufacturer name not available.
30-11: Black or white cotton shirt with the canonical "Sonic 2" portrait (with Tails) and S2 banner. Manufacturer name not available.
30-12: Black cotton shirt with a "television's eye view" of Sonic frantically playing with a game controller. Exaggerated comic-eqsue line work by "Brad". Manufacturer name not available.
30-13: Sonic sneakers. Manufacturer name not available.
30-14: Sonic silk necktie. Shows Sonic and various robot things on a solid black background. Adult size. From The Tie Rack.
30-15: Sonic and Tails necktie in adult size. Manufacturer name not available.
30-16: Halloween costume with mask of Sonic. Blue, white, and light brown with a Sonic logo at the top of chest area on the wearer's left side. Manufacturer name not available.
30-17: Sonic 3 sweatshirt. It shows Sonic clenching his fist while Tails airlifts him, Robotnik torching a part of Angel Island, and a pair of eyes hiding in a bush. This is similar to what you see on the box cover. Offered with pre-orders for Sonic 3. Available in either Large and X-Large. Manufacturer name not available.
30-18: Sonic 2 baseball cap. It features Sonic and Tails standing near the big 2 with the Sonic 2 logo above. Also has a Sega logo on the left side. Fits any size. Made in China. From Head to Toe.

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Section 40: Cards and collectibles

Sonic Game Gear trading cards -- see Sonic the Hedgehog Bubblegum entry under Food (Section 20).

40-01: Valentine's Day cards. Manufacturer name not available.
40-02: Collector cards from Topps (from 1993). 33 sticker cards, 33 game tips cards and 6 (very rare) prism cards.
40-03: Official SEGA sticker album from Panini. 228 stickers showing scenes from the games and the weekday Sonic cartoon. Available at least in England and Germany.
40-04: Button. "Kids Go HoJo with SEGA" logo with Sonic in the center of red, purple, and light blue concentric circles and the text "The Official Hotel for SEGA Video Game Fun!" at the bottom in purple. Logo and text on a white background. About 3" diameter. From Howard Johnson.
40-05: Animation cel. Features Sally from the intro of the Saturday morning series as she is about to throw the rope. From DiC Animation City.
40-06: Sonic birthday card. A picture of Sonic on the cover, appearing to clap his hands with a large glittery (with real glitter) set of smoke clouds behind him.
Text on the inside of the card:

He's burnin',
sneakers churnin'--
Sonic's comin' through...
He's zoomin' fast
and blastin' past
With wishes
just for you!

40-07: Sonic birthday card. A picture of Sonic looking straight at you with his fists on his hip and Tails right beside him on his right with a quirky smirk and hobbling up beside Sonic's left side. Across the top of the card, in red shiny letters, it reads, "What's a hedgehog to do..." The inside reads, "...but wish you a birthday full of Supersonic Fun!". From Gibson Greetings, Inc.
40-08: Sonic collector caps (POG-style). Four included in each specially-marked box of Cookie Crisp cereal; a total of 16 caps.
Included caps:

Others are various (non-Sonic) Cookie Crisp characters. From Ralston Foods.
40-09: Sonic poster from American Arts and Graphics.
40-10: Knuckles art from Ken Penders/Halley's Comics. Pages from Archie issues 31-36 and the stories "Fire Drill", "First Contact", "The Hunt Is On!", and "A Sense of History" Parts 1 and 2 from Issues 34 and 35 [see Archie's "Sonic the Hedgehog" comic entry in Section 50].

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Section 50: Publications

50-01: "Sonic Strategy Guide" from Sega.
50-02: "Sonic the Hedgehog" comic, issued monthly plus occasional special editions. From Archie Comics.
50-03: "Sonic the Comic" comic, issued fortnightly. From Fleetway Publications.
View samples of this comic here.

50-04: "Sonic the Hedgehog" (1993) By Michael Teitelbaum. From Troll Associates. ISBN 0-8167-3199-3. Ages 4-8.
50-05: "Sonic the Hedgehog: Robotnik's Revenge" (1994) By Michael Teitelbaum. From Troll Associates. ISBN 0-8167-3438-0. Ages 9-12.
50-06: "Sonic the Hedgehog: Fortress of Fear" (1994) By Michael Teitelbaum. From Troll Associates. ISBN 0-8167-3582-4. Ages 4-8.
50-07: "Sonic the Hedgehog and the Silicon Warriors" (1993) By Martin Adams. From Virgin Books, London. ISBN 0-426-20403-4.
50-08: "Sonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension" (1993) By Martin Adams. From Virgin Books, London. ISBN 0-426-20402-6.
50-09: "Sonic the Hedgehog in Robotnik's Laboratory" (1993) By Martin Adams. From Virgin Books, London. ISBN 0-426-20401-8.
50-10: "Sonic the Hedgehog in Castle Robotnik" (1994) By Martin Adams. From Virgin Books, London. ISBN 0-426-20405-0.
50-11: "Sonic the Hedgehog" Look and Find Book from Publications International. Artwork by Archie Comics.
50-12: "Sonic the Hedgehog: Friend or Foe?" (1995) By Michael Teitelbaum. From Troll Associates. ISBN 0-8167-3672-3. Ages 4-8.
50-13: "Sonic and Knuckles" (1995) By Michael Teitelbaum. From Troll Associates. ISBN 0-8167-3781-9. Ages 4-8.
50-14: "Sonic the Hedgehog Activity Book" (1995) By Michael Teitelbaum. From Troll Associates. ISBN 0-8167-3787-8. Ages 4-8.
50-15: "Sonic: The Story" (10/1994) From Ladybird Books Ltd. ISBN 0-7214-3439-8.
50-16: "Sonic the Hedgehog Storybook 01 Invisible Robotnik" (10/1994) From Ladybird Books Ltd. ISBN 0-7214-1739-6.
50-17: "Sonic the Hedgehog Storybook 02 Robotnik's Oil" (10/1994) From Ladybird Books Ltd. ISBN 0-7214-1740-X.
50-18: "Sonic the Hedgehog - Joke Book" (1995) From Ladybird Books Ltd. ISBN 0-7214-3481-9.
50-19: "Sonic the Hedgehog (Adventure Gamebooks v.1)" (10/1994) From Ladybird Books Ltd. ISBN 0-7214-3432-0.
50-20: "Sonic the Hedgehog (Adventure Gamebooks v.2)" (10/1994) From Ladybird Books Ltd. ISBN 0-7214-3433-9.
50-21: "Sonic the Hedgehog (Adventure Gamebooks v.3)" (1995) From Ladybird Books Ltd. ISBN 0-7214-3494-0.
50-22: "Sonic the Hedgehog (Adventure Gamebooks v.4)" (1995) From Ladybird Books Ltd. ISBN 0-7214-3495-9.
50-23: "Sonic (Puzzle Gamebook, v.1)" (10/1994) From Ladybird Books Ltd. ISBN 0-7214-3434-7.
50-24: "Sonic (Puzzle Gamebook, v.2)" (10/1994) From Ladybird Books Ltd. ISBN 0-7214-3435-5.
50-25: "Where's Sonic? (Search Books, v.1)" (10/1994) From Ladybird Books Ltd. ISBN 0-7214-3436-3.
50-26: "Sonic the Hedgehog (Poster Colouring S., v.1)" (1994) From Ladybird Books Ltd. ISBN 0-7214-3437-1.
50-27: "Stay Sonic" (1993) By Pattenden M. From Penguin Books Ltd. ISBN 0-14-090390-9.
50-28: "Sonic Adventure Gamebook Vol. Bk. 1 Metal City Mayhem" (08/1993) By James Wallis. From Penguin Books Ltd. ISBN 0-14-090391-7, ISBN 0-14-037629-1 (1995).
50-29: "Sonic Adventure Gamebook Vol. Bk. 2 Zone Rangers" (06/1993) By James Wallis. From Penguin Books Ltd. ISBN 0-14-090392-5, ISBN 0-14-037630-5 (1995)
50-30: "Sonic Adventure Gamebook Vol. Bk. 3 Sonic versus Zonik" (04/1994) By Nigel Gross & Jon Suitherland. From Penguin Books Ltd. ISBN 0-14-090406-9, ISBN 0-14-037631-3 (1995)
50-31: "Sonic Adventure Gamebook Vol. Bk. 4 The Zone-Zapper" (04/1994) By Nigel Gross & Jon Suitherland. From Penguin Books Ltd. ISBN 0-14-090407-7, ISBN 0-14-037632-1 (1995)
50-32: "Sonic the Hedgehog Album No. 1 Beats the Badniks" (02/1994) From Ravette Books Ltd. ISBN 1-85304-256-0.
50-33: "Sonic the Hedgehog Album No. 2 Spin Attack" (02/1994) From Ravette Books Ltd. ISBN 1-85304-259-5.
50-34: "Sonic Hedgehog" (1994) From Golden Books. ISBN 0-307-75401-4.
50-35: "Power Cheats Guide to Sonic 1 & 2: The Complete Solutions Vol., Sega Megadrive and Master System Versions" (02/1993) By David Gibbon. From Kumba Books Ltd. ISBN 0-7457-0085-3.
50-36: "Sonic & Hedgehog Golden Mini Play Lights" (09/1993) From Golden Books. ISBN 0-307-75401-4.
50-37: "Sonic the Hedgehog: An official Guide" (02/1994) By Crey Sandler. From Brady Computer Books. ISBN 1-56686-146-2.
50-38: "An Official Player's Guide to Sonic the Hedgehog: An authorized Guide" (1994) By Jason R. Rich. From Compute Publications Int. Ltd. ISBN 0-87455-283-4.
50-39: "Official Player's Guide to Sonic the Hedgehog" (1994) By Jason R. Rich. From Compute Publications Int. Ltd. ISBN 0-87455-299-0.
50-40: "SEGA Genesis Complete Sonic Play Guide" (03/1994) By Eddie McKendrick. From Prima Publishing. ISBN 1-55958-536-6.
50-41: "Official Sega Mega Drive Sonic 3 Play Guide" (06/1994) From Titan Books Ltd. ISBN 1-85286-567-9.
50-42: "Winning Tips for Sonic Hedgehog" (04/1994) By Nal Dutton, Consumer Guide Staff. From Signet Books. ISBN 0-451-82285-4.
50-43: "Sonic Collection" (07/1994) By Russel Demaria. From Prima Publishing. ISBN 1-55958-524-2.
50-44: "Sonic & Knuckles" (10/1994) From Brady Robert J. & Sams. ISBN 1-56686-218-3.
50-45: "Master Games: Sonic the Hedgehog" (1993) By T. Takoushi. Manufacturer name not available. ISBN 0-590-55377-1.
50-46: "Sonic the Hedgehog" comic, Issue 1/2. From Archie Comics.
/* Issue number is read "one-half". This comic included with "Sega Visions" and was also distributed by Howard Johnson. It contains the first 6-8 pages of regular Issue 0. */
50-47: Advertising supplement (7 pages) in Disney Adventures magazine (November 1991). From Disney Adventures.

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Section 60: Video and audio

All video listings are VHS cassettes. All tapes marked [A] are the "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" weekday series, and those marked [S] are part of the Saturday morning series. All tapes marked [M] are known to be copy-protected using the Macrovision system.

Sonic CD (audio selections) -- See Games (Section 10)

60-01: [S] [M] Super Sonic (Buena Vista 2850)
Episodes: "Super Sonic", "Sonic and Sally"
60-02: [S] [M] Hooked On Sonics (Buena Vista 2849)
Episodes: "Hooked On Sonics", "Warp Sonic"
60-03: [S] [M] Sonic Racer (Buena Vista 2851)
Episodes: "Sonic Racer", "Sonic Boom"
60-04: [A] Grounder the Genius (Buena Vista 2380)
Episodes: "Grounder The Genius", "Black Headed Eagle"
60-05: [A] Road Hog (Buena Vista 2381)
Episodes: "Road Hog", "Tails In Charge"
60-06: [A] Robotnik Express (Buena Vista 2382)
Episodes: "Robotnik Express", "Tails' New Home"
60-07: [A] Slowww Going (Buena Vista 2383)
Episodes: "Slowww Going", "Over the Hill"
60-08: [A] Sonic's Song (Buena Vista 2379)
Episodes: "Sonic's Song", "Best Hedgehog"
60-09: [A] Super Special Sonic Search Squad (Buena Vista 2385)
Episodes: "Sonic Underground", "Lovesick Sonic"
60-10: Audio CD "Sonic Boom". Label and number not available.
60-11: Audio CD "Sonic Dance Power 4" (Jive/Zomba 74321 315542). Included Selections:

Note: numbers 18-21 are one track, 4 different songs by 4 different artists were mixed all together to form one song. From Bertlesmann Music Group Co.

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Section 61: Software (non-game)

61-01: Sonic Screen Saver. Windows 95 CD-ROM. Manufacturer name not available.
61-02: Sonic's Schoolhouse from Sega. Interactive software where Sonic presents math problems (Grades K-4). You try to collect gumballs while Robotnik tries to steal your answers.

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Section 90: Miscellaneous

90-01: Drink bottles (attach-to-bicycle-frame) -- robust-looking plastic moulding printed with a STH banner and 2 pictures of Sonic -- one a typical running pose, the other of him reclining in a sun chair wearing dark glasses. Manufacturer name not available; made in Australia.
90-02: Bike helmets -- made from expanded polystyrene and a thin plastic shell covered with multiple pictures of Sonic lifting weights. Available in sizes SM/M and with a black or white background. From Headstart.
90-03: Sewing pattern, manufacturer name not available. Sonic appears to be running alongside a body of water. There are 4 power rings behind him. A Sonic logo and a star in a circle are at the top.
90-04: Sega Forum on CompuServe (GO SEGA). Message and file sections for all Sega games.
90-05: Lunch kit showing Sonic from Aladdin.
90-06: Sonic and Knuckles sports drink bottle. White plastic with Sonic and Knuckles logo in red, black, blue, and white, the text "SONIC & KNUCKLES" in white with a black outline and the text "SEGA PRO" in red with a black outline. Included with the Dec. 1994 issue of Sega Pro. From Dalatek Ltd.
90-07: Temporary tatoo set. Features Sonic waiting and tapping his toe, Sonic sitting on a director's chair sipping a drink, and Tails. From Highgate Products, Inc.
90-08: Temporary tatoo set. Features Sonic jumping, Sonic standing with his arms folded, and Sonic standing while pointing one finger into the air. From Highgate Products, Inc.
90-09: Sonic the Hedgehog Beach Towel. It features Sonic and Tails holding hands while falling, and the StH logo above. From Hilasal.
90-10: Sonic 3 Cracker Jack prizes. Features 8 different pencil toppers, stickers, and tattoos. From Borden, Inc.
90-11: Sonic watch. Offered in conjunction with Quaker instant oatmeal. From Quaker Oats.
90-12: Sonic bubble bath from Matey Bubble Bath. Package is a model of Sonic 30cm high. The head can be taken off to access the bubble bath.
90-13: Sonic mouse pad. Shows Sonic saying "Up, Over, and GONE", with a few rings. Manufacturer name not available.

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Section 99: Unknown Items

99-01: Book, [title not available]. Penciled by Art Mawhinney, Inked by Dan Burr and Brian Thomas. Illustration Script Developers: Ken Penders and Mike Kanterovich. A "Where's Waldo" book except it uses the Sonic characters (i.e., scenes of many characters doing many things, and you're supposed to find certain objects and/or people in them). From Publications International. This may be the same as Item 50-11. Additional information is available; see merc_99-01.txt.

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[no address available]

703 Murfreesboro Rd
Nashville, TN 37210

American Arts and Graphics, Inc.
10915 47th Ave. W
Mukilteo, WA 98275

Amurol Confections Co.
Yorkville, IL 60560

Archie Comic Publications
325 Fayette Ave.
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Bertlesmann Music Group Co.
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Borden, Inc.
277 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10172

Brady Computer Books
[no address available]

Brady Robert J. & Sams
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Buena Vista Home Video
Burbank, CA 91521

Caltoy, a division of C&H Toy of America Inc.
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Coca-Cola Co.
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CompuServe Information Service
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Compute Publications Int. Ltd.
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Dalatek Ltd.
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United Kingdom

DiC Animation City
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Disney Adventures --
          P.O. Box 420200
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          [no address available]
          P.O. Box 861
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          Disney Adventures e-mail

Fleetway Editions Ltd.
25/31 Tavistock Place
London WC1H 9SU
United Kingdom
Tel. 071 344-6400 
Fan Page e-mail

Campbell Soup Co.
Campbell Pl.
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Fruit of the Loom
6300 Sears Tower
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General Mills
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Minneapolis, MN 55426

Gibson Greetings, Inc.
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Golden Books - New York
Western Publishing Co., Inc.
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Halley's Comics
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Head to Toe
[no address available]

[no address available]

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El Salvador, CA

Howard Johnson Franchise Systems, Inc.
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Matey Bubble Bath
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[no address available]

McDonald's Corp.
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Panini --
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     Distribution in Germany:
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     Distribution in Austria:
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(Back issues of "Sonic the Comic")
Aim Ltd.
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The Tie Rack
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[no address available]

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[Two addresses are on file.  Which is correct is not available.]
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Troll Associates
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Virgin Books, London
[no address available]

Western Publishing Co., Inc.
[see: Golden Books - New York]

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CDROMs Online
P.O. Box 60548
Sunnyvale, CA  94088

The Internet Mall

10275 N. De Anza Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014-2237

Toys "R" Us
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United CD ROM
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Video Online Express
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Revised Listings: Video Online Express (f/k/a Video Express) (retailer)
New Listings: 10-09, 10-10, 10-11, 11-14, 11-15, 40-09, 40-10, 61-01, 61-02, 90-12, 90-13, CDROMs Online (retailer), The Internet Mall (retailer), United CD ROM (retailer), Kidsoft (retailer), Westfield Comics (retailer)
Deleted Listings: [none]

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