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ALL movies in AVI format.

soniccd and goodend extracted from the Sonic CD by [email protected]

Some movies use Intel Indeo 4.2, so if you get a message saying "missing
video compressor vids:IV42" or something like that, go to and grab ivi_nt95.exe
or ivi16.exe if you're really lame and are still running windows 3.1

dulcy    - Dulcy chilling out Robotnik
drood1   - Tails shuts down power to a factory.
funykis1 - "That's not the funny kiss!". Fake Sally kissing Tails.
funykis2 - "That's the funny kiss!". Real Sally kissing Tails.
goodend  - Good ending from the Sonic CD. Sonic wins!
mcdcomm  - MegaCD (Sonic CD) Commercial in Japan
sonic2   - Sonic 2 Japanese Commercial
sonic30s - Some Sonic anime thing.
opnintpc - Opening to Sonic CD, PC version, with the Japanese soundtrack dubbed in.
safight1 - Sonic vs. Mecha Sonic from the Anime videos.
sonintro - Opening theme to the Sat. AM show.
soniccd  - Intro to the Sonic CD.
wbsonic  - A Sonic animation from Sonic Jam CD
wolfpck1 - Lupine explaning the history of the wolf pack
wolfpck2 - The wolf pack blasting a Doomsday pod
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