Hidden source messages

They removed it! They took this out, but this really used to be in the source. If you viewed the source to some of wms.com's pages, you would have seen some interesting messages. In Netscape, this would have been accomplished by pulling down the "view" menu and choosing "source".


Ah!  A web-savvy user, at last.             
Welcome to the WMS Games website,           
www.wms.com.  The pages are currently       
being constructed at the top-secret WMS     
R&D laboratories in a tunnel deep under the 
Chicago river.  You should see something    
soon, just be patient.  We're kind of busy  
with a few other things at the moment, like 
reading alt.games.mk to figure out what we  
have coded into MK3 this week.              

Anyway, if you have any ideas about what you
would like to see on the pages besides the  
typical "give us codes" stuff, drop us some 
email at webmaster@wms.com                  


Thanks for checking this page constantly 
to see what's new.  We appreciate your   
enthusiasm and comments:                 
Let's play website Jeopardy!            

Alex, I'll take MK3 for $100            
The Answer: Williams Entertainment      
Uh, who is doing MK3 for the home?      

Ok, MK3 for $200                        
The answer: Nowhere                     
Uh, where can I get the MK3PC demo?     
Correct again!                          

 Answer: mail to webmaster@wms.com       
Hmmm, how do I send e-mail to           
Williams Entertainment?           
BZZZZT. Sorry.                          

I'll try Web Pages for $500             
It's the DAILY DOUBLE!!!                
Alex, I'll risk it all.                 

The answer: You SUCK!!!                 
Hmmm, what do most people think of the  
Midway page?                            
That's correct! (clap clap clap)        

Wow, okay, Web Pages for $400           
Answer; Not in your lifetime            
When will Midway put up some cool stuff?
BZZZZT. Sorry.                          

That's all the time we have for         
Website Jeopardy today.  Tune in again  

(C) 1995 WMS Games, Inc.                
Promotional consideration by:           
Midway Manufacturing Company            
Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat    
Deep Fried Butter on a Stick, now in    
Cool Ranch flavor!                     
Jackbot's Casino and Hotel              
The Geist Museum, open daily.           
New Skittles Beef 'n' Chicken flavor    
Turtle Wax                              

Alex Trebek's Wardrobe by: Botany 500   

Steve Ritchie's wardrobe by mistake     

When in Chicago, take the Midway Studios
tour, tram rides depart hourly. Don't   
miss the Irv Schwan Stunt Show, nightly 
at 5, 7, and 9pm (barring major         
accidents or finger lossage)