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Last Updated: May 17th, 1996

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Since it looks like the game is pushed back in the 10 week range, I really don't see any reason to keep updating this FAQ with release dates. It appears that all the info I've received is purely speculation, regardless if it's coming from somebody I don't know, or if it's coming straight from a software distributor. No info whatsoever about UMK3 has appeared on the Panasonic homepage, so I would doubt if the game is remotely near being completed. If some really important info happens to come my way, I'll put it here. But for now, I don't wanna keep putting up new dates every other day getting people's hopes up just to have the date change a million more times.

Once they do get off their dead asses and the game is released, you can count on me for the latest codes, tricks and any other relevant miscellaneous info. That is if anybody still gives a flying f*ck.

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Release Date Info

NEW For Revision 5

Still no word has been leaked as to when we'll actually get UMK3, but the game is set to go on display at the E3 later this month in Los Angeles, so hopefully it won't be too long after that.

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Basic Game Information

Finally, I've got some good info to put in here. It is indeed fact that the 3DO & Saturn are the only two 32-Bit platforms that will get UMK3. If you own MK3 PSX, you can expect the following additions for 3DO UMK3: Five new backgrounds, new male and female characters, tournament style competition and new moves for select characters.

Quoting the preview of UMK3 3DO, "The game contains all the fatalities, animalities etc. from the coin-op and PlayStation game, but it has a whole host of tune ups and added features that will turn Sony console owners green with envy". No specifics were given out.

All three UKK characters will definitely be in the game, but it may be possible that no kodes are necessary. The preview said that the Saturn version had a cheat which allowed you enable all three characters. So, I'm assuming the 3DO version will be the same. Also, the elaborate arcade intro has been axed, probably because it had the fake Rain character in it. A representative from GTI said that Rain & H. Smoke were both fake and were just ploys to get arcade goers to spend more money. I don't which planet that guy's been living on, because the H. Smoke code has been known for a couple of months. Could be this guy has no f*cking clue and H. Smoke will indeed be in the game. Let's hope.

In terms of graphics, it appears that the characters will be slightly smaller than the arcade version, but the differences are hardly an issue, because apparently the game speed has been increased.

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Empty as of now, sorry :(

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Other Systems?

So far, the Saturn and 3DO are the only systems that will definitely be getting the game. If/when SNES & Genesis versions are released, I'll add locations for those FAQs. But for now, you can still check out WorknMan's great Saturn FAQ here

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URLs For UMK3/3DO Info

Kano's MK3 Page With Info For All Home Systems

Panasonic's Page With Upcoming 3DO Titles

3DO Homepage

Electronic's Boutique Upcoming 3DO Titles

Paragon Online's UMK3 3DO Preview Page (Excellent Source)

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If you have any questions or comments regarding the info on this page, or lack there of, feel free to E-Mail me. I'm always open to criticism and suggestions on how I can improve this page.

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Paragon Online            - Basic Game Info

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