Mortal Kombat 1

Yeah, I know nobody cares about MK1 anymore (including me), but I wanted to have a complete collection of MK resources. When Jenn has her MK1 page done, I will replace this with a link to that page. It is not fully functional yet, but it looks awesome so far!


U  = Up            HP = High Punch             HK = High Kick
F  = Forward                       BL = Block
D  = Down          LP = Low Punch              LK = Low Kick
B  = Back

Move (distance): movement

For movement:

"-" means "then"
"+" means "and"
So D-F-HP+LP means Down, then forward, then hit HP and LP at the same time.

Hold button (other thing) more things
So "hold LP (D-F-D-F) HK" means
"Hold LP, then tap D-F-D-F, then let go of LP, then hit HK, release HK"

If something requires UP, it helps to hold block, but it is not necessary.

Liu Kang

Johnny Cage
Sub Zero

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