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Last Updated: April 21st, 1996

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April 21st

I just wanted to take a moment to answer a couple of commonly asked questions I've been emailed regarding this page.

  • So, when are you going to update the lamerz page again?
    Well, I am quite happy to report that my emailbox has been free of bs for quite awhile now. So long as it stays that way, there is no need for me to update this page. And oh yeah, I have gotten a few emails from people who are really really desperate to get noticed and it was obvious they were sending me some stupid shit in hopes of being added here (geez, what a bunch of morons eh?). Sorry, but I ignore all such email.
  • I saw (whatever, whatever whatever) in a.g.mk .. you should really add (whoever) to the Lamerz page.
    I should have made it clear that, although I had originally planned to surf the newsgroup looking for potential lamerz, I have since decided against it for two reasons.
    1) I felt that it would only lead to more flaming and from what I hear, there is enough of that on the newsgroup already.
    2) About two months ago, I lost access to all newsgroups (got a different provider) and couldn't read or post there even if I wanted to.
    Intro (by WorknMan)
    Yesterday (November 26, 1995), I got an email that had 2 UKCs in it - one for Mileena and one for Rain. After going to the arcade and finding out that neither of them worked, I finally decided that I'd had enough, and so I have created this page. The MK3 Lamerz Page is made for those asswipes out there who are so hungry for attention that they have to spread bullshit rumors and codes that don't work and there are those of us who are sick and tired of it and we feel it has to stop. Why does it bother us so much? Well, it bothers me for three reasons.
    1. It misleads players into thinking that there are codes or moves out there that exist but really don't.
    2. These days, about the only confirming I do is going down to the arcade and confirming that moves don't work .. it gets really irritating.
    3. I get tons of email asking me how to do stuff that isn't even real and doesn't exist.
    So, as much as I hate to do this, here it is. The following people are a DISCRACE to all MK3 pages on the 'Net and to the game itself. These are the lamerz who have taken the time to write down things that I guess they just sat down and thought up. Feel free to drop them a line (or several lines) and let them know that you don't appreciate their efforts.

    Lamer List

    Newest Additions

    Name: Jais Berrett
    Email: ZCLQ56A@prodigy.com
    Reason(s): Was added because of this email

    Name: Wayne French
    Email: drek@goodnet.com
    Reason(s): Sent me this email ..

    here is sindel's nudeality fot umk3.
    back,back,back,low kick.this is true.i have tried it before.
    if you have a question,e-mail me at:
    this nudeality is true,so don't fuck with me.

    Older Additiions

    Name: Erik_B
    Email: erikb@fornext.com
    Reason(s): Started spread this Mileena UKC on irc #mk3 that only had 9 numbers in it. When confronted with this, he simply said, "the last one is left blank." Sheesh :(

    Name: Code Mac; the guy that likes 3D and VR just a little too much.
    Email: codemac@best.com
    Reason(s): Sent Druboy this email: I know the code to old sub zero, I have confirmed it at two arcades. it is 45678-87654. this ain't bullshit, buddy.

    Name: Unknown
    Email: Vipex@aol.com
    Reason(s): Sent Rat this bs Mileena UKC 3267117623

    Name: jayson massa
    Email: Unknown
    Reason(s): Sent in bogus Mileena UKC (2-1-3-2-4-3-5-4-6-5) and Rain UKC (1-9-2-2-5-1-7-3-6-1). Said he'd tried the Mileena code on "several" machines and that it worked .. funny how it didn't work on mine. Neither did the Rain UKC.

    Name: Jon R Grady
    Email: LDXC69B@prodigy.com Hehe, Prodigy user.
    Reason(s): Sent this email to Rat:

    The very next day, he sent Rat this email:

    2      7         4      0
    2 7
    5 7 2 8
    WILL I GET CREDIT? (end quote)

    How to be added to The Lamer List

    You will be added if we find out you have been spreading bs. This includes,but is not limited to:
    2.Any move whether basic or finishing, that does not work
    3.Bogus UKCs for any character
    4.Any false information for any of the MK3 arcade or home versions
    5.You are caught using any information from a FAQ writer's page who reports you, without giving proper credit. In other words, stealing. This includes you, gaming mags!!

    This includes, but is not limited to, email sent to anyone who writes a page on MK3, or anything given out on irc #mk3.

    If you have something and you're not sure if it works or not, don't be afraid to send it to any one of us but label it as *unconfirmed* and if it doesn't work, you will be spared.

    How to be removed from The Lamer List

    There are only three ways you can be removed:
    1.You have to prove that the move or code that has been marked as bogus actually works. If you can do this, you will be removed from the list and an apology section will be added with a public apology for adding you.
    2.You send an email to the person who added you here which is a paragraph of 50 words or more apologizing for spreading bs and for being such a lamer.
    3.If you were added here for stealing info, then you must give proper credit in your page or faq to the person that you stold from. This includes their name and whatever info you took.
    If you fail to do either one of the above, you will remain on this list forever!

    The Lamerz Strategy

    I think I've finally come up with a reason of why lamerz do what they do. They are obviously in such need of attention that they have to have their name up in one of our web pages. But instead of playing the game and actually trying to find something useful, here's what they do. They'll see a UKC or move or something on somebody's page, copy it down, and send it to one of us saying "I have the (insert bs here) ... so GIMME CREDIT!! I would warn all lamerz .. BEWARE! just because you see a move or code on alt.games.mk or somebody's web page does NOT mean it works, most of the time, it doesn't! Go to the arcade, confirm it yourself, THEN write us about it. If you don't follow these simple instructions, you will eventually find yourselves in these pages.

    How to tell truth from bs on the newgroup (alt.games.mk)

    I think we've all been there. You see the header that says HUMAN SMOKE FOUND!!!! And you sit there and go, "hmmmmm .. how do I know if this is real or not?" Well, here's a few tips to help you along. It's probably not true if ..
  • The address of the person who posted it has "aol.com" in it somewhere.
  • If a shitload of people haven't confirmed it also. The exception, of course, is if it's a brand new post. In that case, wait a couple of days for someone to respond. If nobody responds or if the guy is flamed, then ignore it.
  • If the person who added it uses all caps and mispells half the words.
  • If it's a nudeality. I might add that some lamerz have gone as far as to say "this has been confirmed by Ratman, Druboy, etc." Don't believe these posts. If the post isn't written by the same person who is said to have confirmed it, go to that person's page and see for yourself.
    LAST WARNING TO ALL LAMERZ!!! I say again .. DO NOT send a move to someone and call it confirmed just because it was on somebody's page. A guy was flamed a few days ago because he saw a fake Ermac friendship on SegaSux's page and posted it ... baaaaaaaaaaad move!

    Why This Page Exists

    Someone raised a question that goes something like this:
    Why put up a bs page for people who like to spread rumors and fake photos? It just stirs more interest in the game. I mean, come on .. it's just a game! Get a life!!

    Imagine if will, that you are the author of an MK3 page (back when people were actually playing the game). You get an email saying "I have Reptile's acid puke fatality." Wanting to get the move on your page before everyone else, you head down to the arcade to try it. You find out it doesn't work. Then, you get five people emailing you either asking you if that move worked or telling you "I have Reptile's acid puke!!!" .. and it was the same damn one that you just tried. Now, imagine you get an email the next day saying "I have Ermac's friendship!!" You drive all the way down to the arcade again, only to find out it doesn't work. Now, imagine if you will that you get at least one email like this every day.
    Wouldn't you imagine that you would get tired of testing shit that didn't work day after day after day? Well, that is the only reason I ever started writing this page. The bullshit fats and UKC codes were an everyday occurance and the drive to my arcade is 15 miles there and 15 miles back. I don't care about humiliating people, I just wanted the idiots to stop sending me moves. Even worse though, is the barrage of email I get asking "How do you do nudealities?" If some lame fuck hadn't started the rumor, then nothing like that would never happen.
    Now, as far as the fake photos, I have no problem with them .. so long as you're not stupid enuff to mail me and try to convince me that they're real. Nuff said?

    The Bottom Line

    Don't spread any bs in any way, shape or form. If you are caught, I WILL make a public example out of you. . It's really a shame that I have to take the time to do this, but some people out there are so immature and idiotic that I find this to be necessary.
    Send any comments or suggestions to me: worknman@rat.org
    Disclaimer: All bs moves and codes are tested for inaccuracy before anyone is added to this page, unless otherwise noted. In the event that one of these moves or codes actually does work, I will add an apology section to this page as well as send them a personal apology through email.