Re: Glovatrix

From: Frank Fuller <>
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 01:27:31 -0500

>> BTW, how come that the Glovatrix can contains so many gadgets?
>> Edo Andromedo email :
> Yeah, how many missles does that thing fire? And what other gadgets does
>it have?
> I know it fires mini-bola missles, mini-octopus missles, tarpedos,
>grappling hooks, it has a counter for the reflex room, a tracking device, a
>mini-cemement machine gun, a small propeller (For underwater stuff) - You'll
>have to forgive me, this is an extremely brief list. Please, somebody, add to

That's the Second Season one. the First season one only had the grappling
hooks and the normal mini-missiles, remember.

Frank Fuller
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