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Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 21:48:23 -0500 (CDT)

Okay, considering one comment I made about stories to the list nearly got my
head bitten off more than once (hey, didn't I say don't bite my head off fer
my ideas *somewhere* along the way?), you guys might not like this, and no,
I am *NOT* trying to brag about my stories. I am just curious of which
stories you like, what subject, which characters to focus on, etc. (Don't be
afraid to critize at least me. I don't mind. Makes me better at writing! <G>)

Okay, here goes my little fanfic poll:
1. Who is the character you like seeing most in fanfiction?

2. Which story on the site is your favorite?

3. Who's your favorite writer (fanfic, not episodes)?

4. Why?

5. Is there any specific character that any one would like an origin story
written for?

6. Would any one like to see a POV (Point of View) done from one character's
side in any certain episode?

7. If so, which episode?

8. Does anyone want to try tackling the mythology and such of the kats world?

9. Would any one like to see a deliberately funny kats story? ('sides Ryan's
"Tribute" story), sorta like MST/Kats crossover? (You know, that wierd
late-night show where these people and aliens review different Sci-Fi movies?)

10. Are we *ever* gonna try and RPG? (this answer can also say if you want
to do it or not)

Okay, that's it. Kinda short, knowing me. <G> Okay, now I'll just click the
"send" button and sit back and watch what happens. ANd, to all you newbies
who may have recently joined us here: Please answer! It may not seem like
it, but I'd like everybody's opinion here! (And I promise to try and keep
anyone [like Ryan] from biting you! No offense, Ryan! =) )

Terra Chang

"I just live here . . ."
                                            --Calvin & Hobbes
"I've got PLENTY of common sense . . . I just choose to ignore it."
                                            --Calvin & Hobbes

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