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Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 01:01:09 -0800

Y'know, with the recent few comments about my returning to commandeer the
list (and I promise I won't be like Commander Feral in managing the list!),
I've suddenly had the urge to drop to my knees, bow down low and cry out,
"I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!" ("Wayne's World" takeoff, if you don't
get that one.)

Edo: What is "WRT"?

This is in the FAQ, under "Commonly Used Abbreviations." I'll only define
it once, but not again: WRT = With Respect To. And speaking of the FAQ,
I'll update it as soon as I can (and yes, I'll notify the list when it's

   Do you want to do [the demographics poll]?

I thought I just got through saying that I *can't* do it because I'll be
too tied down with other things. But if you'd like to do it, then be my

Me: When I meant that the Glovatrix has been activated when it's been
   used, I meant that it's been *manually* activated.
Edo: Oh, you mean turning it "on".


Artur: A curiosity, anywho is a MacKat?

Razor guiltily (?!) raises a hand. I use a PowerBook 180c, but I'm hoping
to get a PC-based machine running Windoze when I get a job.

On a related note, Max and I were talking on the mucks about possibly
converting some of the AVIs to QuickTimes. The reason was that a few other
people, some of who use Xwindows, seem to have an easier time viewing
QuickTime movies than AVIs. I don't have a problem with either since I
have a nice little piece of software that I downloaded which converts AVIs
to QuickTimes (as far as I can tell, I can't view AVIs directly). None of
the AVIs that I've downloaded from maxie.com have had problems, although
I've had a few problems converting AVIs from other sources (i.e., the

Brother Buford: Looks like they made a mistake [in spelling "Megakat"
   "Megacat"] and a very noticible one at that.

With overseas animation studios, you're liable to get spelling errors. For
example, in "The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats" Razor's final weapon he uses
against the evil SWAT Kats is labelled a "Cement Machine Gan" (instead of
"Gun"). But this is exactly the same argument for (and against) the
spelling of Lieutenant Steel(e)'s name, which is why I've taken to spelling
it the way I've done (unless, of course, we have an "official" spelling
from the Tremblays).

   Razor and T-Bone like nachos, right...

They do? Somehow I don't remember this. What I *do* remember them eating
are, though: hot peppers ("The Wrath of Dark Kat"), sardines (Chance in
"The Metallikats"), pepper stew and goblets of milk (Razor in "Bride of the
Pastmaster"). Of course, my memory of some of the other episodes is rather
rusty, so....

Edo: Did Razor ever leave this list?

The answer is, actually, yes. I've had myself on the digests for quite a
bit, but I've occasionally taken myself off the list, usually just before I
go out of town. (I once went out of town for a few days and came back to
find something like 80+ messages, mostly listmail, on it, so now I know

   Isn't the episode name "A Bright and Shiny Future"?


BTW, TCN doesn't seem to have added the SKIQ episode to its current run
since it seems to have restarted the season 1 episodes (Friday's ep was "A
Bright & Shiny Future"). Either the jury's still out on whether or not to
run the ep or they decided not to do so. Also, the SKIQ episode
conveniently (?) leaves out any mention of either Felina or Steel(e).

I've got the episode on tape if anyone wants a copy. (And yes, my other
VCR seems to be working -- keeping my fingers crossed, though...)

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