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Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 01:14:59 -0800

No, no subject title this time. (Too lazy!)

chance (aka Andy Hill) has bestowed (?!) me with the honor of being in
charge, although I hope he's remembered that it wasn't Manx who did all the
legwork... it was Callie. But I'm not gonna even touch that subject WRT
the list. ;-) He also comments:

> For those that weren't around at the inception of this list, Dana
> created it as a home for the ever-increasing legion of katfans with
> nowhere to call 'home' as a place to discuss all things MegaKat.
> It works well, huh?

Aww, shucks. <grin> Tho I think a bit of clarification is in order. I
created the list in spirit, but I owe its existence on the internet to
Ratman (high-paw, dude!) and to all of you who have been on the list since
its beginning.

Edo comments on my comment on his comment:
> Don't know, they don't say anything when they attack Zed's defense
> system with their Glovatrix. So I guess that the Glovatrix doesn't
> use voice control.

Probably not. I should have clarified my last comment, too. When I meant
that the Glovatrix has been activated when it's been used, I meant that
it's been *manually* activated (i.e., by pressing a button on the
Glovatrix, etc).

I comment:
>> I'm tempted to take a demographics poll to find out how old the
>> average list member is,

and Edo queries:
> Why don't we do it?

Do you wanna do it? ;-)
Seriously, though, I tried taking a demographics poll of the list not long
after it was first created, but I found it to be too much work. And
considering that I'll be out of town the first week of May or so (I'll let
Ratman and chance know since most likely I'll let chance use Manx's chair
during that time), I think I'll pass on trying to do the demographics. Tho
I'm willing to bet at least a month's supply of Kat food that the average
age will be over 18, especially if a certain fat old scientist tries to
skew the results with his age! ;-)

Dan sez:

Hey, where'd I go? ;-)

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