Enforcer Jets

From: Paul Kemner <pkemner_at_bright.net>
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 21:55:57 -0400 (EDT)

With all the recent talk about Biplanes, has anyone on this list discussed
the Enforcer jets before? I got to thinkin....Hmm- I remember having a giant
picture book of military aircraft up in the attic somewhere. I'll go up to
check it out..(sound of feet on steps..) "Rohlfs- Skat! You don't want to
come up in the attic- remember the last time you did, and had to have a
bath?? (sound of cat going down steps- door closing- more feet on steps)
rumage, rumage, rumage . ahh here it is!

With the big intake on the front, the Enforcer jets have a sort of
Yakoulev-17-ish look to them... but the most distinctive feature is that
H-shaped tail. Hmm... While it's common on bombers and transport aircraft,
where's a fighter that has an H-shaped tail? OH NO!!! CAN IT BE?!?!?! Are
the Enforcers flying a jet-powered version of the Yokusuka MXY7 ?!?!?! What
do you jet-heads think?
Paul Kemner
who has more books around the house than anyone has a right to...

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