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-> Subject: anime background
-> >> Which comes to my request: I'm going to work on another
-> >>years contest, could anyone get me a 8 1/2 x 11" or larger print of
-> >>grab of the anim blur part in 2nd season opening, or the part where
-> >>says: "Mini Cement Launchers" from Bright and Shiny....."? I need
-> >>picture so I can study it, and I dont have a color printer to print
-> >>screen grab. If you can do this, e-me at a
-> >>give you my snail mail address.
-> >>
-> Hmmmm....... I've had some experiance doing this. For black and
-> whiute drawings, you basically scribble parallel lines for the
-> background. For color, however, I'd reccomend artist supplies and
-> something where you can really mix colors. Another way could be the
-> black and white way, and then color each of the spaces in the lines
-> a different color. I saw this method in a Street Fighter manga. For
-> stills, it looks pretty cool. Hopefully this could help you a
-> little, but since I can't capture television frames on my computer,
-> I can't help you any more than this.
Yeah, it's my Street Fighter II manga published by Tokuma Comics. If
you'd like, I could photocopy some scenes for you; just tell me what
kinda scenes you'd like: 1-on-1 fighting, oddball scenes, running, etc.
I also have some penciled Area 88 comics by Viz Comics. They have some
pretty cool scenes. I once tried making a manga strip. Sure I got a
good grade (it was for school) but it looks like crud compared to
regular manga/anime...

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