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>On Sun, 21 Apr 1996 08:02:31 +0700 (Edo Andromedo) wrote:
>>>Does anyone have any comments on my question?
>>You should have seen some of the speculation on him on this list, here's
>>some of them:
>>* Dark Kat is a human.
>>* Dark Kat is Feral's brother.
>>* Which makes him Felina's father (Maybe that's how she got her human
>Dark Kat does resemble Feral more than anyone else. Making him Felina's
>father would be a great plot twist. Making him human (from an alternate
>reality, maybe?) would be even stranger.

I kinda like the idea of him being Feral's brother as opposed to Felina's father.
Now, when they have Felina climing the bridge in "Bright and Shiny Future",
does Feral say "My sister will never forgive me", or "my brother will never
forgive me"? I can't look it up just now, but it would seem to preclude the
possibility of DK being Felina's daddiekat.

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