Re: Favorite episodes?

From: chance <>
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 1996 09:03:09 -0700

>RE: the SNES game - I lucked out a few weeks ago...Toys'r'Us was clearing
>out (big time) their video game selections and I managed to pick up the SK
>game for 9.95 (plus 7% GST +11% PST.....) but still a bargain.

HUH? I saw their two-page spread in the local rag, but scanning the various
columns of titles only revealed more X-type junk than should be legal. Thanks
for the tip though, I'll be running over there first thing in the A.M. to see if
there's any left. ('Course, I'll still have to dig up a SuperNES to play the
thing, but...details, details.)

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