Re: Underdog does it again: Forwarded bounce from Max

From: Ryan Kelley <>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 22:32:33 -0700

>>>Additions should be put in
>Ooooo! <bites lip> there could be a problem with that, guys. I CAN'T SEND
>STUFF FTP WISE!!! I cannot do this sorta stuff, my computer won't let me.
>NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD!!!!! Maxie, is there any other way
>people (such as I) can send you fanfics? Please? Pretty, pretty please? Or,
>is there anybody out there on the list who can take pity on me <G> and let
>me send the story to them, and then let them send it? (Kinda like DJ and
>Ryan for "Children of the Stone"?

I taky pity on all (and I can also ruin your pride too, but I won't!), so if
there's no other way, My computer will let me FTP two ways, so I'll do this
for anyone who needs this kinda servace. (Don't worry! I don't bite, unless
you get on my nerves [Fanfic only shows me how much of a genuis you are!])

>PLease?????????? Much appreaction would come from this end!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I owe you one! I don't think I repayed you for working on "Day and
Night" with you. That was fun!


That's my line! Oh, well, you can have it!

>>When someone does add a story, please drop me an e-mail ( so i
>>know who sent it and can move it the story directory. Thanks!
>> Max
>Max, Max, Max . . . HELP ME HERE, SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!
I'll help! (hint, hint!.... HINT!!) Yeah! I'm being really subtle this time!

>'Kay, I'll calm down now. (But not much.)

Don't we all do this from time to time? (all the time [only, I never can
calm down, shish!])

> Please, if ANYONE here can help me
>with this, I'd much appreciate it. And I don't mind if you read the story
>before sending it.
Not only will I read and print it, I'll tell you how MUCH i enjoyed reading
it (You can't loose! You say 2+8=11 and you're right! Well, don't count on
it for you're next math test!)
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