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Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 18:39:00 -0700

>>When I was posting all the katstuff to rec.arts.animation that kinda got me
>>in trouble, I had an argument with someone who was a knowledgeable
>>animation fan, but dismissed the Kats as "just more toy-driven
>>action-adventure drek" (or similar). This individual and I had words back
>>and forth over the issue, then we had this lapse of several months. Out of
>>the blue, this Kats detractor e-mails me with "I just saw 'Deadly Pyramid'.
>>Forget anything nasty I ever said about 'SwatKats'".

Please read above, then below.....then waaaay at the bottom!

>>Also, (and I know this person won't mind an innocuous quote) it seems that
>>certain production people realized they'd created something head-and-shoulders
>>above the "ultra toony monochromed" stuff H-B was infamous for:
>>"No matter what happened to SWAT Kats later on, what we did will probably be
>>remembered for quite a while."

Hmm. Upon re-reading this post, it occurs to me that the individual responsible
for the first set of "toy driven action-adventure drek" comments could also be
seen as the same person responsible for the "No matter what happened..."
quote. NOT. Nope. Nada. No Way. *COMPLETELY DIFFERENT* people
related only by the fact they live on the same planet.

Sorry for the confusion (if any). The line-up to spank me silly forms outside.

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