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Date: Sat, 13 Apr 1996 16:10:58 -0500 (CDT)

> Those of us that have the "Animato!" article and the "Toon" one will have a re
> reference as to what the kitties started out H-B life as. On the first page o
f Mark's
> article, you see a very funny looking Razor and T-Bone from about waist-up, an
> posed in that kind of "ta-da!" pose that the marketeers adore. The "Toon" art
> has a line drawing of the two Kat guys running towards our POV, and their
> drawn in much the same fashion as the "Animato!" pic. T-Bone looks much
> simplified and even sorta cutesified in my pre-HB promo poster - as does the
> TK.

    This really gets at something about SWAT Kats, that there are two
basic potential directions that the series was capable of going in - The all
too typically H-B style where ultra toony monochromed kats scamper like Fred
Flintstone to cheesy sound effects, or the gritty, hard edged, more graphic,
more "radical" kats who absolutely crackle with style in every frame. I tend
to prefer the latter to the former. SWAT Kats as it stands has, interestingly
enough, gone a little ways in each direction in a comfortable amalgam.
Examples? The Kats are drawn a little rounder, a little more toony than usual
in The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice, but in the same episode the Megasaurus
Rex attack scenes were ckock full of the hard edge look. The Deadly Pyramid
had some Razor looking especially diminutive, but it also feautured some
of the most stunning action the series had to offer, all IMO.

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