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>-> Hey Ryan...when you gonna fix this, bro? "Immortality"....two "m"'s.
>Yeah... Hey everybody... Let's try to catch EVERY ERROR THAT RYAN
>HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA! He laughed maniacally [sp?]

Call me fussy, but spelling errors are more egregious when they're repeated
daily in a sigfile (especially after I'd previously told him how to spell it in e-mail

Oh yeah, the stuff like those Leather Flight Jackets in that H-B "Style Guide"
thing were almost without exception never made. Basically, the whole thing
was created to show around the network of potential licensees in order to
give them some idea of what they *could* get a license agreement to produce.
The Jackets are *obviously* geared towards viewers considerably older
than the 6-11's, so at least someone realized that the merchandise demand
wouldn't stop at action-figures and bedspreads. They've got some pictures
of the watch concepts in this thing, which is really the only thing I can think
of that they actually went ahead with.

The really funny thing about this whole book is the great detail that H-B
goes into to ensure that the packaging and color scheme is just so - even
down to the printing font used: "Vulcan Schriftena", created specifically
for the Kats and their environment! In light of this, isn't it incredibly ironic
that Razor's nose on Turner's own Home Video boxes is a clueless shade
of white? I'd be embarrassed.

(at least it wasn't W.C. Fields red, though nobody could blame a grounded
  Kat for taking up drinking in the complete absence of anything more

"Dedicated to the indomitable spirit of the sled dogs that relayed
 antitoxin six hundred miles over rough ice, across treacherous waters,
 through Arctic blizzards from Nenana to the relief of stricken Nome in
 the winter of 1925. Endurance, Fidelity, Intelligence." -- "Balto"

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