Re: SWAT Kats animation art, more thereof

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 96 14:01:02 EDT

>> I think they may've shied away from cel sales *this* long
>> because the average 12-year old F-14 fan doesn't have $400.00 bucks
>> burning a hole in his back pocket.
>However, the average fat old research scientist DOES. I shall ring up
>the number forthwith. I wonder if they have any Doctor Konway cels.
>That, I am certain, would look groovy on my wall.


A Doc Konway cel would likely be cheaper than one with the main
characters, but it may be impossible to get. I found this out last
year in my efforts to find cels of one of the villains from the
Aladdin TV series for a couple of friends. Finally found some, after
a friend at a gallery pulled strings with Disney Art Editions. And I
don't know if H-B's art organization is quite as well-oiled as

If the cels are culled overseas before being shipped the chances are
slim. Still, I hope it's not the case.


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