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>I think the 1st one I'll approch will be "T-Bone's Stakes", since I am
>currently working on the Pastmaster and Dr.Viper. (Need to get working on

Sounds cool, but remember to ask whoever wrote it. (Wasn't it Simon Leet or
something like that?) And also, that is one helluva long story, and even
though I personally loved it (just it was too long for my printer to handle.
<G>) it is definetely gonna be more than one issue. (I mean, no offense,
after all, I've already said I liked it, but that thing's more than a short
story, it's a novella!)
You could do what the people at Innovation (sp?) did for the graphic novels
of Anne Rice. They made it into a series of 13 comic books and sold them.
'Course, you're gonna let us see them for free . . . <insert very meaningful
voice> RIGHT???
One more thing: I suggest you and the author work it out. 'S almost like a
movie, maybe there's something the author wants to change. Lord knows *I*
feel that way about some of the things I wrote.
Have fun, send it when you're done, and (to quote God-knows-who coined this
one) break a leg! (Yeah, yeah, I know it's for showbiz, but <shrug> oh well!)

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