Re: Deadly Budget? 700K for a katsep?

From: Kevin L. Knoles <>
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 22:31:21 -0600 (CST)

> >When did he make that comment, BTW? And do you know what episode it may have
> He made the comment on rec.arts.animation around, oh, October last year,
> and in response to a post of Mark Evanier's talking about "Mighty Orbots
> being the most expensive series ever made". Evanier and Potamkin are
> fast friends. Again, I don't even know if he was talking about the 'Kats, but

    Oh, *that* thread. I'm the one who started it (Brag, Brag.) I thought
you meant a more recent one since I haven't been reading rec.arts.animation
too thoroughly lately. I'll have to dig up that thread, assuming I went to the
effort of forwarding myself a copy which I usually do. (When I'm reading, that

> when I suggested "The Deadly Pyramid" as the likely culprit, the suggestion
> was neither acknowledged nor denied. Probably the e-mail equivalent of
> "no comment". I'd bet the budget was creeping up and up since the first
> season, and was a bit out of control for elements of the second. That's
> just a guess.

    I'm glad it might not have been that particular one. It's a real trip
and I don't want any type of guilty conscious over enjoying it.

> market, and as a result is a *fine* film. Disney showed death in the form of
> Bambi, Tod's mother, Gaston and Mufasa, but "Balto" depicted it as
> coffins being readied for use; IMO *far* more powerful. Kats has a lot of

    I have just written to somebody else *extensively* describing my feelings
on a similar manner, that's why I haven't written more for the list tonight.
Sorry. I'll make it up, I promise!

> >> workings of the Turner org called "Two Stupid Producers" which evidently
> > I don't suppose you could have it or could post it, could you?
> Well, I could....but then I'd have to kill you. No, seriously -- I'd love to
> We all have a sense of humour, but Tedco's is occasionally a bit
> underdeveloped.

    Hey, tell us something we *don't* know! (Now where have I heard this

    Oh, geez, this is getting off topic again. My aplogies. Uh, SWAT Kats
are cool! There, all better now.

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