Re: Harvey, Archie and Turner - the unholy trinity of comicdom...

From: Ryan Kelley <>
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 21:31:18 -0800

>>>Unfortunately, if there are any, none of us know of it. All those big shot
>>>companies said "No" when asked to do one. Something about "cat characters
>>>not working."
>>All I got was quote "Whatsa SWAT Kat?" just what happens when you live in a
>>small town!
>I thought you lived in No.Cal. What's a "small town" in No.Cal?
>(lemme guess. They're still showing "Star Wars" at the local multiplex?)
Let's see here...... We have no mayor, no police protection, no jail, no
industries, no high school, very low density commerce, and our biggest is
the Saint Francis School Gym (Mabye three and a half stories tall, IF you're
lucky, but I doubt it!) and BTW, we don't even HAVE a multiplex, or even a
uniplex! Our nearest city has all these luxeries, so I have to there for
everything except limated offace supplies, and limated food (pretty much
twinkies from the three gas stations in our town!). Even in the nearest
city, I get "TV? Is that some new fangled contraptionof the future?" GEEZ!
(And we're considered large compared to the "Hick-Ville" area practaclly
surrounding us. If you don't know what "Hick-Ville" means, DON'T ask your
parents!) So SWAT Kats should be impossable to find up here! =8^((

> The last mention of a Kats-title
>to Turner reps came at SanDiego comicon, where a rep from a comics
>outfit approached a Turner rep to ask about a possible Kat-comic, and was
>laughed off. How professional.
It never ceases to amaze me; the stupidity of the populace are the highest
ranking officials in the world. Oh, the injustice of it all!
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