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Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 19:39:50 EST

I had a lot of questions on my FAQ, so I thought I'd
get it all down in one shot.

Terra wrote:
>>4. How does Kehor know Thoran?
>> Is it important?
> Dunno. I'm not the author, YOU are <G>?

I asked that question to make you guys think, "IS it
really important?" That was just in case anyone was
wondering, I'm just saying it isn't really effecting to
the plotline.

>> <stuff I wrote snipped about the sequel>
> I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW! <more snipped>
> Can I e-mail you privately and tell you what I *think*
>it is?

Go ahead. If you recognize the name you're on the right
track, but it takes a good deal of thinking to figure out
what the Lopine word (a noun) concerning the WD character

Ryan wrote:
>> <stuff I wrote snipped about Sauraman>
> Dr. Jake, uh . . . . . could I borrow your Lopinean idea
>for my next fanfic when the Archeivers clash with the entire
>SWAT Kat's planet?

I'll tell you about that in the note I send to the list about
using Lopine.

>What does "CE" mean?

I've had more than one question on this. As you know:

      BC - Before Christ
      AD - a Latin phrase that means "In the Year of Our L-rd"

Well, there are 2 knew politically correct terms to replace the
old ones. I'm not very PC, but I like them better.

      BCE - Before Common Era
      CE - Common Era

They mean the same thing as BC and AD. Sorry about the confusion.

Someone also mentioned if I should send this FAQ to the list. The
is no, at least not yet, because after "Virthuril" comes out some
and additions will probably be made to it.

                                                  Dr. Jake

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