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From: Ryan Kelley <>
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 1996 21:51:19 -0800

> No, SWAT Kats *isn't* anime, and just because something is Japanese
>animated, that doesn't mean it's anime, otherwise Tiny Toon Adventures, for
>instance, could be considered anime. I've known some people to use anime
>to mean anything animated and cool, but that't not it. I've already said what
>anime *really* means, stick to that. (BTW, I mispelled a name, that's Helen
Not to burst your bubble, but I just think that SWAT Kats is due to that
American cartoons don't have such shading, and esides, the plots can get
almost as complex as some of the anime I've seen. It's pretty much what you
think is anime. It's up to each individual to decide wether this hybrid is
mostly American, or in the broad specturm of Anime. Either place, there's
something to drag it to the other side.
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Don't we all?
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