Re: Name for SWAT Kats fans.

From: Kevin L. Knoles <>
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 1996 18:12:46 -0600 (CST)

> Hmmm, how about this?
> Megafans is the name for SWAT Kats fans extremist.
> Kats is the name for SWAT Kats fans.
> Both Kats and Megafans are Anti-Teds.

    Sounds about right. But it's interesting that plain old Kats Fans get to
actually say "Kats" in reference to themselves, while "Megafans" sounds cryptic
to those outside of the established Kats Fans community. But then if Megafans
really *are* extremist SWAT Kats Fans, then they likely hate and wouldn't
talk to anyone who isn't a Kats Fan. And yet another thing to consider is
the possibility of a Kats fan with first name of Ted - It would sound like the
Kats Fans hate him instead of the other, despicable Ted. The extremists would
probably suggest he change his name, but the more moderates would be faced with
a dilemma. Gee, I really didn't think this through when I came up with the
term. I'll make things more complicated by tossing out another name:

> BTW, I think that I just figure out the "Kats and anime fans" thing, Kats are
in the anime fans community. IF we consider SWAT Kats as an anime.

    <Grumble, Grumble> Go back and read my post, I thought I cleared up all

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