Re: Whaddya think of this {story} idea?

From: Ryan Kelley <>
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 1996 14:53:57 -0800

>Seeing as how some of us are having some minature disscussions about
>stories, I was thinking. (I'm in the middle of writing one, this is
>basically what the post is about.)
>I am writing a story that takes place in "A Bright and Shiny Future"
>universe, with a few modifications. I am going to basically make it a
>different version of "Future," changed around a little. The title is,
>tenatively, "SWAT Kats: Refugees." I am using some characters that you will
>probably see again in my later stories, just changed slightly.
>If you think you would like for me to branch out on this story, please e-me.
>If you guys would like, I can post a character guide for each of the new
>characters I used in this story. If I do, I would suggest you keep it,
>'cause you'll see 'em again in later tales from my twisted thoughts. <G>
If you start a story, chances are it's the coolest thing ever. Whatever it's
about, you should post it (HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING [from my screaming?])

>Oh yeah, and one more thing: What are we gonna do about the RPG idea I had a
>while ago? Are we doing it or not? (Hello, Chance? Where are you?)
Well, I and my friend will....... but OTHER PEOPLE need to help us, here

        Hey, it's Jedi Master Wheeler here, reading B-Ko's Mail

        It's Giyggas (B-ko, Snoopy, whoever!)!

        whatever! Well, I'd be glad to help on a SWAT Kats RPG... Is it
going to be a board (bored) game... What about one of those Customizable
Card Games like Magic: The Gathering and Star Wars.... Or is it going to be
a text or graphical computer game? If it's a CCG, I could help with design
advice (I play both Magic and Star Wars, and now am learning Marvel
OverPower.) A SW: tRS (SWATKATS: The Radical Squadrone acronym) trading
card game would ROCK! I am in the process of talking to Central Park Media
(who puts out English translations of anime like Project A-Ko, MD Giest,
etc., etc., etc....) about them starting a manga/anime CCG. If anyone
would like to help me, E-Mail me at...


                                                                 He still
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