Re: Feral and the Dark Side (The original Cry Turmoil)

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chance wrote:
>>The writer intended it to be a statement that Feral could be a bad
>>Kat under the right set of circumstances, and that a combination of
>>"underappreciation" in MCPD and the opportunity presented by
>>Turmoil provided those circumstances.

Ed wrote:
>I just can't see this at all. Regardless of underappreciation and
>opportunity, Feral would never switch sides like that. It just goes
>against his basic character. He might pretend to go along, like
>T-Bone did, but would never mean it. For those like Feral, "protect
>and serve" is not just a motto, but a way of life, soething that's
>an inextricable part of them. It's along the lines of Hudson's
>comment in the Gargoyles episode "Reawakening": "A Gargoyle can no
>more stop protecting his home than breathing the air." That's how I
>read Feral.

Same here, I also think that Feral would never betray the Enforcer, no=
 matter how bad on what they do to him,and I think that in "Metal Urgency"=
 he already said that he doesn't do deals with scum. Besides, what would=
 Felina say if she found out that her favorite uncle has gone bad?

Now if it's Steel, that could turn out very different indeed, but then=
 again, why do Turmoil want him?

Plot idea:

Feral and Steel is flying the helicopter (With Feral on the controls of=
 course) fighting Turmoil's air carrier, Turmoil is curious on who is flying=
 that chopper, so she ordered her crew to take out that chopper and drag it=
 to the carrier. Feral and Steel were knocked out by the vertigo beam, and=
 the rest is just like the final version, except Steel is in the place of T-=

Now, what will happen next?

>>The writer was told "the show is about the Kat Guys; don't overdevelop the=
>>supporting cast" and the role was swapped from Feral to T-Bone, and the ep=
>>shrunk to a short. It took a lot of convincing to get Falk to write=
 another script.
>That's an annoyingly myopic POV. In any well-developed series there
>are going to be eps that study the character of the supporting
>players. Maybe not to this degree, but close. To concentrate the
>show only on our heroes leads to stagnation.

Yeah, just because the series is named SWAT Kats, it doesn't mean that we=
 have to watch the guys all the time

>Then again, it _is_ TedCo...

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