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Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 06:13:10 +0700

>>>Well, if SWAT Kats are becoming more like anime, us SWAT Kats fans are going
>>>to have an identity crisis, should we call ourself anime fans or Kats?
>>Why do we have to limit ourselves to one type of fan or another. We can be
>>both anime fans and Kats.

Yeah, but what will we address ourself? should we address ourself as anime fans when there is a Katcon (If there is ever gonna be a Katcon)? or should we gone switching from anime fans to Kats to anime fans to Kats to anime fans, etc.

>>Mitch Botwin
> Exactly, Mitch. I was about to say the say thing. I'm both a Kats fan and
>an anime fan. Who ever said the two couldn't be synonymous?

Yeah, but will SWAT Kats goes in the anime catagory?

> And besides, SWAT Kats is very much anime like to begin with.
>Where do you think those streaking backgrounds, for instance, come from?


>I would argue that if it weren't for anime and its influence, then SWAT Kats
>would be, ahem, radically different than what we see now.

Yeah, in animation wise, but in the story departement it will still remain the same.

>SWAT Kats is just
>what I'd expect from a synthesis of anime and H-B. Say, by any chance were the
>Tremblays influenced by anime or manga? I wouldn't be surprised if they were.

Influence I agree, becaming TOTALY anime is something that we must consider.

>Kevin L. Knoles

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