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Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 22:46:33 +0700

>> Ok, you all asked for it, I have found an anime callie with big eyes,
>> etc. in "Mutation City" Where she is jumping anound on the cars above the
>> muck. Looks like mook made a boo-boo!
> Callie is looking here best, IMO in the Deadly Pyramid (Well, not
>actually *in* the pyramid, just in that episode ;-) )

Well, I actually doesn't like on how she was drawn in "The Deadly Pyramid". But I do like on how she was drawn in "Mutation City", then again, it is hard to judge on how she looks in the second season episodes.

>and I think she looks the most anime like there as well. Coincidence?
> She *was* looking a little angular in Mutation City (I check again soon to
>remind myself) with a somewhat strange looking mouth, but I don't immediately
>recall too much more of an anime look than in other eps, however, I do need to
>check again. But who's to say that's really a boo-boo?

Yes, it is a boo-boo, Mook has gone overboard by making it look more like anime. But it's a nice boo-boo. :)

>SWAT Kats already is
>very much like anime, and the more like anime, the better I say (You'd rather
>Kats look the like other H-B properties? I don't.)

Well, if SWAT Kats are becoming more like anime, us SWAT Kats fans are going to have an identity crisis, should we call ourself anime fans or Kats?

>> A.J. Freda If you don't know what SWAT Kats is, please
>Kevin L. Knoles

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