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Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 10:28:35 -0500

>Heh, Idea. . ..
>In commemoration of the "Katalyst's" first year, let's all, "lurkers"
>included, send a big "Happy B-day to Kats" message to H-B, TCN and
>Tedco. Since we're such a large, austere body, if everyone sends a
>messsage, prohaps we can get the suits residing in Tedco's mahogany row
>to sit up and take notice. Then, . . .we can flood their fax machines
>with a barrage of "Heh, we're Kats and we're still out here" messages. I
>know I would be impressed, but then again, it doesn't take much.

How 'bout we all send our 'signatures' to someone, and they can send one big
letter? And a bunch of personal letters. I would be impressed with 70
signatures in one letter and with 70 different letters from different people.
If no one else wants to collect signatures, I will. (Of course, we have to
agree on it first, and if no one wants to do my idea, I'll still go along
with Steve's.)

>Well, there's the idea. I guess the next thing is to have E-mail
>addresses and fax numbers.. . .huh, anybody got any???
>H-B's fax is (213) 969-1201
>TCN's E-mail address is

TCN said that TBS's address is

Oh, here's the latest letter I recieved from ToonNet:

Well, how happy of a Cartoon Network viewer are you? So happy that you can
let us slide here...?
  Oh, we triiiiied to find out what the deal with SWAT Kats is. Goodness
knows we tried! All of our information tells us that the same episodes aired,
intact, on TBS and Cartoon Network.
  But apparently you've seen something we haven't.
I can't get any more information from my end, Melissa. But you can try to
e-mail TBS if you want. I don't know if it will do any good, though.
  Can't hurt, though! The address is:

Thanks for your understanding!
--Scott Miller
Cartoon Network Online Representative

Melissa Anne
Let's kick some tadpole tail!! And some froggy butt!!!!! (Don't ask!)


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