Birthday Surprise for Tedco

From: Roberts, Steve <>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 96 09:01:00 EST

Heh, Idea. . ..
In commemoration of the "Katalyst's" first year, let's all, "lurkers"
included, send a big "Happy B-day to Kats" message to H-B, TCN and
Tedco. Since we're such a large, austere body, if everyone sends a
messsage, prohaps we can get the suits residing in Tedco's mahogany row
to sit up and take notice. Then, . . .we can flood their fax machines
with a barrage of "Heh, we're Kats and we're still out here" messages. I
know I would be impressed, but then again, it doesn't take much.

Well, there's the idea. I guess the next thing is to have E-mail
addresses and fax numbers.. . .huh, anybody got any???

H-B's fax is (213) 969-1201
TCN's E-mail address is

This is from the, but that's all I have. Dana, can
you help?

BTW- Happy Birthday Kats.


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