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Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 21:41:25 -0500

>>Anyone here in Phoenix, Arizona, or somewhere in the same area
>>code? I'm going on Wednesday and I'd like to call you and meet some
>>people on the kat's list (LOOK! I MENTIONED KATS!).
>> Dr. Jake
>Ooooh, sorry D.J., I live in Austin Texas. Don't think I'd like to go to
>Arizona though--I'm more of a cold-weather type person. <G>
>(But that would be cool . . . meeting all the people who write crazy ideas,
>write stories (hint, hint) and so on. Anyone live in Texas ('sides me?)

Ohhh! I feel so left out!:-/ Bein' more than half way across the US, and all
(Baltimore, Maryland to be exact). I HATE cold weather! (see news stories
'bout blizzard of '96, and lotsa snow)! Besides that, the capital's right
around the corner... Anyone near me?

Melissa Anne
"Let me be a seaker of knowledge, Let me travel uncharted paths, and Let me
use my creativity to make the world a better place in which to live."
                                               -OM Pledge (written by Samuel
Micklus, OM Founder)

>Terra Chang:
>writer and poet
>crazy violinist
>SWAT Kats lover
>Anne Rice fan
>Supporter of crazy ideas

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