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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 96 17:50:52 EST

>>>Why is that T-Bone was choosen to go with Turmoil instead of Feral? and why
>>is that Feral was cut out from the final version of "Cry Turmoil"?
>>'Cause an H-B executive changed it, he said something about it being about
>>the SWAT Kats, not Feral, change it to T-Bone. It says that somewhere in the
>>Animato! article, under the episode description of "Cry Turmoil."
>Yup, basically right. It was supposed to be a 22-minute script with Feral
>*actually* switching sides and only reverting to Mr. Law 'n' Order when
>it became evident that Turmoil's plans were doomed, and claiming that
>he was just stringing her along the whole time. The writer intended it to be
>a statement that Feral could be a bad Kat under the right set of circumstances, and
>that a combination of "underappreciation" in MCPD and the opportunity presented
>by Turmoil provided those circumstances.

I just can't see this at all. Regardless of underappreciation and
opportunity, Feral would never switch sides like that. It just goes
against his basic character. He might pretend to go along, like
T-Bone did, but would never mean it. For those like Feral, "protect
and serve" is not just a motto, but a way of life, soething that's
an inextricable part of them. It's along the lines of Hudson's
comment in the Gargoyles episode "Reawakening": "A Gargoyle can no
more stop protecting his home than breathing the air." That's how I
read Feral.

>The writer was told "the show is about the Kat Guys; don't overdevelop the
>supporting cast" and the role was swapped from Feral to T-Bone, and the episode
>shrunk to a short. It took a lot of convincing to get Falk to write another script.

That's an annoyingly myopic POV. In any well-developed series there
are going to be eps that study the character of the supporting
players. Maybe not to this degree, but close. To concentrate the
show only on our heroes leads to stagnation.

Then again, it _is_ TedCo...


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