Re: Execs seldom focus on the same things we do...

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 96 12:57:13 EST

>Everyone in 1991-93 was trying to come up with the next "Ninja Turtles" without
>realizing that it's unlikely a single property will ever again capture that kind of
>audience share now that the structure of things is so different from when the TMNT
>hit air in 1987. Problem was, Tedco expected TMNT-style licensing returns
>without venturing into TMNT-style licensing, and wasn't willing to give the program
>the support it needed to return the investment (something 'Garfield's Mark Evanier
>calls "deficit-financed").

It's interesting that TedCo put essentially nil into licensing the
Kats, but has gone to almost the opposite extreme with JQ, in effect
pulling out all the stops. It's obvious that someone learned a
lesson, but unfortunately it's too late to save a superior property,
the Kats, while something vastly inferior (new JQ) will benefit from
the "lesson".


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