Re: Leopold's Dr. Abby "Ms. Exposition!" Sinian

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Terra wrote:
>>But I remember
>>reading somewhere (I think it was the Animato! article) that "The Deadly
>>Pryamid" was really "Abi's" episode. Understand what I just said?

chance wrote:
>I loved that ep, but one of the things that really *bugs* me about writing, is when
>the characters go into a kind of "Mr. Exposition" trance for the benefit of the
>audience only.

>Leopold did that with "Pyramid" in the person of Dr. Sinian.
>Glenn had to introduce the name of the dig, and 'foreshadow' the appearance of that
>big nasty that tangled with T-Bone and swatted Razor, and he tried to do it all
>at once:
>"Tie everything down or we're going to lose months of work on this Katcchu-Picchu
> excavation!"
>Um, yeah. First of all, her co-workers - arthritic and sunburned after 'months of work'
>on said dig - would likely be quite familiar the name of the project,

Well, there is one magazine reporter that isn't part of her regular co-workers. Besides, it's natural enough for me, maybe some of her co-workers are having a hard time spelling that name, I know that I would.

>so their response should collectively have been a 'Molly Metallikat'-ish, "well....duh!".
>Glenn, though a good writer, did that kind of thing on a few other occasions as
>well, and in each case it grated just as badly. Still, I guess they have to cram a lot
>into 22 minutes, and they aren't exactly paid to do "Citizen Kane".

How about if the SWAT Kats series using some sort of a story arc? if 22 minutes is just too small, maybe they should do some sort of episode by episode story telling.

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