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Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 15:52:46 -0500

>>Cool! just like what they did on the Defiant Story List, they write story,
>then when the people that write it finish the story, they passed to others
>so that the story will continue.
>PROOF!! See people, it *does* work!!! <RRRBG>
>>Of course in the Defiant RPG, the one that lead us (The Defiant Crew) is
>Captain Bridges, now who is the one that are gonna lead us Kats?
>Details, details . . . Either somebody who knows what they're doing . . . or

>maybe I can do it, I'm not sure. <G>
>><Edo is banging his head to wall for not proposing this idea sooner>
>Careful, we don't want you to do any serious damage to yourself. If you do,
>you can't help. <G&W>
>>Come people, we need more vote on this idea. Should we do it?
>Yeah! YEAH! COme AgrEE wItH tHIS inSanE iDEA!!!


>>Well Terra, I always follow you when ever you go.
>Oh . . . I feel so appreciated. <G>
><Terra is laughing . . . who knows how far we'll go?>

>>>Yeah, so is playing with fire.
>>I've got five candles in my room, and I lit them almost every night. <More
>He.he.he, I always like playing with fire. "MatchHead Missile, DEPLOYED!"

I do hope you're not pyromaniacs. (Ouch! My fingers are burn't!<VBG>)

>>>Claudia who?
>>Claudia from IwtV. Part of your signature reminds me of a description Louis

>>gave after the false death of Lestat. I can explain more later, but this is

>>a 'Kats list, not A.R. <Wink>
>Oh, I thought that you were refering to Claudia Christian.
>>>Ok, so what happen in March 16?
>>Yeah, why did you say you think you were gonna faint? (Must've been pretty
>Let me guess, a gigantic purple ape is coming to your home for a visit,

Well, I'm sorry to say that Ted Turner isn't coming to my house. I sure wish
he would though!<VBG>

>>>Edo Andromedo email :
>>>"A shining beacon, all alone in the night."
>>Terra Chang:
>>writer and poet
>>crazy violinist
>>SWAT Kats lover
>>Anne Rice fan
Melissa Anne
"...That's all I have to say about that..."

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