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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 20:09:45 +0700

>>Yeah, that I can understand (Although that I think that they should do a
>little bit deviation by focusing on Feral or some other characters instead
>of focusing just on the SwatKats.), but why is that Feral wasn't in "Cry
>Turmoil"? It's a real pain to see someone was cut from an episode.
>Hmmmm . . . are you talking about Callie? <Meaningful grin and a wink>

Er, yes and no. I really hate it if one of the character was cut from an episode. But really, I do think that she get a good character placement in "Cry Turmoil".

>>>Has anyone else noticed how stupid some executives can be?
>>Well, stupid people leads the workers.
>Hmmm . . . quote: "Who more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him?"
>(Try and guess where I got that from!)


>>Hmmm, I think that the addition of human into the SWAT Kats universe is
>>a very big step. So if humans do get introduced to the series, I think that
>>they should be very careful on how do they introduced the humans.
>Yeah . . . but still, it would've been cool.

Yeah, so is playing with fire.

>>Edo Andromedo email :
>>"A shining beacon, all alone in the night."

Claudia who?

>Terra Chang:
>writer and poet
>crazy violinist

Ok, so what happen in March 16?

Edo Andromedo email :
"A shining beacon, all alone in the night."

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