From: Ryan Kelley <>
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 21:09:57 -0800

Yes, I know. This is VERY old news, but I've been kicked off the Internet
(and my main scources of kats stuff ack!) for over three weeks, now so I
deserve a bit of slack here!

>>>Just a short thing here, but if there is a SWAT Kats MIDI file out there,
>>>send it to B-Ko Daitokuji and I will get it from him.
Ahem. did you clear it with me first? I DON'T THINK SO! (The only thing I
duplicate Katswize is the eps [I've still only got 23 of them UGH!])
>>I think that A.J. is currently working on a SWAT Kats MIDI file.

Well hurry up! I'm dying to hear it (The cheesier and more 8 (or 16)-bit
computer style, the better!! I love 8-bit!)

>Yes, well A.J.'s mailbox was full to overflowing with unread mail, and the list
>server refuses to send him any more until he catches up with the backlog or
>starts indiscrminately deleting in the name of sanity. We all get behind
>I guess.

Don't let this happen to you, it's hell!
Ryan "B-ko "Snoopy" Daitokuji" Kelley
SWAT Kats Extremist
Good thing you can't see me in person!!

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