Fan stories--send 'em!

From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 22:50:52 -0600 (CST)

 Hillo, peoples. The irreversablly hyper Terra is here again, and not
exactly, how shall I put this . . . "herself" at the moment.
 I am not trying to act like a big bully, but to everybody who has stories
nearly or totally finished or even started:

                              "SEND THEM TO ME!!!!"
I can give an honest critique before you post it to Rat. I should know about
stories, I've written quite a few myself. Maybe we should put up guidelines
or something for them . . .
<Terra slaps herself in the face and returns to normal. Well, as close to
normal as she can get. =)>
Anyway, I remember (and I still have the post that said it!) A.J. saying he
finished part one of his story, (Don't remember the title, it'll probably
hit me after I send this message.) is finished and that he would start
sending it. It's been a while. Where is it? Send it. Please? If we beg you
very, very nicely?
And anyway, you could say that me and Ryan are vetrans at this writing
buisness, but the problem is, I am a very greedy little soul. I can only
continue contributing to our site if someone else gets off their butts and
starts typing. It's only fair, isn't it? And if you don't have any ideas,
I've got plenty! Just not enough time to put them all down on screen. (I'd
say 'paper,' but you can't really write with a pencil on a computer screen.
Come on people, I am not one of those people who can just sit around and
yell and cuss at Ted for cancelling THE show, I wanna read fan stories! Who
knows? Don't say "I suck at this, don't tell me I don't," cause I know the
feeling! Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt!! If you have any *real*
problems with writing, e-me and I'll be happy to help. But I have done
enough for right now! (And as I'm saying this, I've got another story
waiting to be sent.) <G>

BTW, don't remember who wrote it, but "T-Bone's Stakes," in the Rat's
file--about it, *EXCELLENT* story! Loved it!
C'mon, summer is fast approaching. I hope to see more stories comin' in; or
at least from those of us who are around my age (12. Can you believe it?) or
anybody who gets summer off.
Okay, we now return you to your familier Crazy writer.
(All these crazy ideas swimming around in my head . . . I need to talk to

Terra Chang:
thinking about names (run for cover, everybody!)
writer and poet
crazy violin player (really I am!)

"You've gone over the edge!"
"Yeah--ain't it cool?"

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