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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 96 13:24:47 EST

>>I was at ArtExpo in NYC on SAturday; it's sort of the art equivalent of Toy
>>Fair. Hanna Barbera Animation Art was there. They were rather hard to miss,
>>actually, with the big HB banner overhead, a Scooby Do statue, and a Scooby
>>costumed walkaround.
>Scooby-"do" , as opposed to "-doo"? Is that something like dog-do?

Pardon me for misspelling the name of a character in a show I never
watch. Sheesh! No good deed ever goes unpunished....

>>Anyhow, they had tons of the old JQ cels for sale. I asked the rep about
>>(what else? :) SK cels, and received some good news and some bad news:
>>The good news is that SWAT Kats cels should be released within the next
>>few months. The bad news is that the SRPs will be the same as the JQ
>>cels: $550-750 unframed :(
>Now that I've picked myself up off the floor, *750 bucks!*? I mean, I just
>want a memento of an episode...not the dubious distinction of personally
>financing a "World Premiere Toon". That's outrageous. By comparison,
>at "Cartoon Corner" up here, production cels from Sat AM stuff sell for
>between 250.00-400.00, with much of the "Animaniacs"-type stuff
>coming in at 350.00-550.00....but not *750.00*, even for notoriously
>overpriced Disney stuff (though a production cel of DW Duck w/accompanying
>pencil-drawing went for something like 850.00). By comparison, TMNT
>cels sold for between 20.00 to 250.00

Indeed the prices for the SK cels are horribly high, but IMHO so are
the JQ cels. Both are priced above Disney TV cels, and the Disney
shows have greater buyer appeal as they tie in to the feature films
(TLM, Aladdin, TLK/T&P). Perhaps if the JQ cels don't move the
prices for those and the SK cels will drop. If the H-B "authorized
dealer" program is like Disney's the dealers pay half of retail, and
I don't know many galleries that would pay $250+ for this stuff when
they can get more easily sold Disney material for less.

The TMNT cels are not a valid basis for comparison, as a huge number
of them were dumped via TRU for $20, which pissed off the people who
paid $200 and up from galleries.


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