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Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 06:56:44 -0800

> FUN, FUN, FUN! as soon as I find out how much it costs to get a
>color copy, You'll be able to order them! (Only to cover the copy and
>shipping and handling, of course!)

Scan it in maybe so we can all make copies! 'Course, might overload
with the demand...all those Hanna-Barbera employees might get there first.

>A.J. Freda A comparision: Speed Racer: 5 frames/sec
> SWAT Kats: 20-24 frames/sec

Ut-oh, nitpick time. The frame rate (number of frames for each second of
footage) is generally 24 frames/sec for film animation, and 30 frames/second
for Television. One would thing that there's 30 different drawings on cels
for every second of footage, but they generally double up on every fifth
frame for TV cartoons as a byproduct of having to convert from the Film
medium (at 24fps) to the Videotape rate of 30. Modern VCR's usually
have a "still frame" or "jog shuttle" that lets you pause and count each frame to
a maximum of 30 before the counter racks up another second, but only try it
if you're _really_ bored. But A.J.'s right, sometimes the frame-rate dips
horribly low as a means of saving money (less drawings being required
means more can be done by fewer artists), and sometimes the cheaper
efforts have 'action' sequences as low as 12fps. I think I'm saying that though
Kats could drop to twenty distinct drawings within a thirty-frame sequence,
I highly doubt "Speed" could drive the Mach 5 at anything below 12 (or some

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