Re: Ted Turner Dartboards are here!

From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 20:23:40 -0600 (CST)

>I found a pic of Ted in Encarta '95 and I used Paintbrush to make circles
>with point marks! Only one problem: NO COLOR PRINTER, though I have a
>friend that is going to print it.
> FUN, FUN, FUN! as soon as I find out how much it costs to get a
>color copy, You'll be able to order them! (Only to cover the copy and
>shipping and handling, of course!)

Don't have to! I have a color printer (I made a SK portfolio sorta thingey
with it <g> and I have Encarta '95. Where did you find his picture? This is
gonna be gooooooooooood!!! <VBEG> ;) ;)

Terra Chang:
Now calming down, if only slightly,
And who is very ecstatic (sp?) because there are new stories both in
the a.b.a.r. and the SK place (the script)
And who is also very giddy for no reason and is rambling starting from
somewhere up there /\
         / \
          || =)

Okay, I'm leaving now, bye!

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