Hackle and Jake.

From: DJ CLAWSON <XXRJ13C_at_prodigy.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 1996 11:03:38 EST

>Here's an idea, what if Hackle is really an older Jake from the

>Edo Andromedo

Ya know, that's a really interesting idea. I think it would screw up
a lot of my stories, though.

BTW, just as an update, B-Ko has all of my fanfic "Children of the
Stone" but he is currently having problems with his computer (still).

When he's posted it, I will also send him the short story I wrote
Jake and Chance as kids. I am currently working on the sequel to
"Children of the Stone."
   Yeah, when you get me writing I don't stop.

                                        Dr. Jake

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