Origin of Friendship

From: Matthew O. Weber <mweber_at_scpo.schoolcraft.cc.mi.us>
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 96 16:52:00 PST

This was in one of the mondo-posts:
>>Maybe they were childhood friends and one convinved the other to
>>join the enforcers.

>I think that Andy's idea of they meet in the Enforcer academy and started
>helping each other is probaly what happen to the guys.

>>I'd like to think that they were friends as
>>kids as the bond they share is far too strong to be forged just
>>during their academy days.

They couldn't have been friends as kids..
In "Bright & Shiny Future", Chance is telling Jake about Pops and the
newspaper stand, and how he grew up in the neighborhood. Unless of course
they became friends later, after Chance had to move away with his parents or


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