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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 03:04:59 +0700

Artur Hara wrote:
>Hi people,
>Other day I was watching Dr. Sinian and I saw special things in your
>characteristics, she looked a latin woman. "Tanned" hair and dark eyes.
>I think that she is very hot internally,

Very hot internally??? Heh. Spontaneus combustion. :-)

>although she looked calm outside.
>To me she was alike with Rachel Ticotin, but with less strong character,
>although with looked body.

Looked body??? what is that?

>I thought that Felina be alike Sandra Bullock, the same wild virtue,
>emotions and speed. Eyes and hairs certainly.

I think that I just found a fanfic reason on why Felina was missing from
the first season. :-)

>I didn't find a woman that be alike Callie.

That's because she is special, that's why.

>Would she be Bridget Fonda? Or Jane? I think that the last is more
>probable. Why? She was in great politic activity in 60's/70's I think.
>Callie is deputy mayor, maybe the later phase of Jane.

How do someone get choosen as Deputy Mayor in MegaKat city anyway? I'm
curious here.

BTW, I don't think that she is a politician, but I do think that she has a
potential to be a politician.

>Callie is special, her nose, mouth and cheeks became her very singular.

Her nose is pink (I doubt that you will find someone in real life that has
a real pink nose.), her dress is quite unique (Believe me, her dress is
_different_.), her... Hey! wait a minute, why do we suddenly talking about

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