$175,000.00 per ep? Rather spend it on Katfood...

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Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 09:20:37 -0800

>>TedCo is _very_ aggressively pushing Jonny Quest as a licensed property.
>Oh, you're telling me! I was channel surfing a few times, saw something
>animeish and found it was that stupid movie! Man!! And I don't even watch
>that channel! I wonder how many times this stupid thing has been shown. I've
>counted four in one week (I think). No wonder SWAT Kats is in the gutter!

The "stupid movie" was Mario Piluso's fault - he being the guy that took
over "Pirates of Darkwater" to halve the budget, and managed to draw
and quarter the quality instead; eventually prompting the overlords to
can it as "we weren't able to maintain the quality". No da.

Hanna-Barbera is spending 175K per episode getting the new "Jonny" done
overseas (Disney is currently spending about 225K per ep), and I think some
katseps must've come in at about 300K per. Ted's cheap, and the new
programs reflect it. Great for the shareholders if you can get away with it, but
kids aren't stupid, and those almost adults among us that recognized crap from
the 70's don't have trouble recognizing it in the 90's, and neither do the kids
we know. "Jonny" now has two ex-Kats hands driving the bus, but they
still have to rely on Ted for the gas, and 9 million bucks worth has already
evaporated through "spillage". Think how many katseps that would've bought!
Ted could've had something to show for his investment aside from a few H-B
calendars and some "Animation Magazine" pre-release press that's going to
haunt them almost as badly as their 94 NATPE comments concerning Kats.

Too bad the arrogant and self-absorbed seldom get embarrassed.
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 antitoxin six hundred miles over rough ice, across treacherous waters,
 through Arctic blizzards from Nenana to the relief of stricken Nome in
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