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A few quick comments on Manx's stay in office:

Why doesn't he have any opponents? Good question. Sometimes I wonder if
Callie Briggs would win if she ran against him. I'm sure she'd get at
least *two* votes, and perhaps under her leadership more things would
actually get done in the city. <snicker> As it is, she's probably the
main reason City Hall hasn't fallen.

Far be it from me to get into politics (well, heavily into it, anyway)
here, but on second thought it's not very hard to see why Manx remains in
office as long as he does. In Honolulu, Hawaii, the same mayor held office
for something like 12 years or so (with one 4-year break when he was
actually defeated). He had to resign to run for governor under a recently
passed state law (and yes, he was rather bitter about it, too).

Dan writes:
> Wonder if Mayor Manx isn't mebbe bein' KEPT there by someone who keeps
> trying to promote him to keep things goin' the way they are?

Well, who would that be, hmm? Feral, maybe? (And I'm talking about the
Commander here, not Felina.)

On another subject, Ed writes:
> But the problem is that Skaredy Kat is a Kat, rather than some other
> species. If he was of some other species the question would have
> never arisen. The analogy is that naked humans are generally not
> acceptable in mainstream 'toons, apart from a few enlightened
> countries.

Is Skaredy Kat a Kat per se, or a 'toon Kat (or cat)? For those of you who
might be getting confused by the difference between cats and Kats (and
perhaps this should also go in the FAQ), a Kat is, as Doc Conway was kind
enough to define for me, "an anthropomorphized feline who hails from a
society that is slightly more technologically advanced than our own."

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